Identify Needs

In order to develop a successful solution, it is critical to begin with an accurate situation analysis. Our senior consultants work collaboratively with your leadership team to determine where you are now and where you want to go.

Needs Assessments can be focused on Common Core, College & Career Readiness, Systemwide Achievement, Literacy, or Math. We can help:

Evaluate Stakeholder Perceptions With WE Surveys

Use the surveys to evaluate how students, instructional staff, leadership, and community members perceive the instruction, learning environment, and level of engagement. Use the similarities and disparities in perceptions to focus and shape your improvement efforts.

Quantify Student Achievement Gaps With the System for Effective Instruction

Determine the level of system wide alignment—based upon key indicators from The System for Effective Instruction—toward instructional effectiveness

Identify Gaps in Curriculum With a Concise Data Analysis Report (DAR)

This in-depth review provides quantitative evidence to help identify strengths and areas of need.

Document Instructional Quality With Collaborative Instructional Review

Learn to examine classroom levels of rigor, relevance, and relationships as a measure of progress toward transforming instruction.

Sam Howe, Vice President Academic Planning & Analysis, explains how SAP helps districts create a data-driven school improvement plan based on their specific needs.