In-Person Courses

Effective leaders drive transformational change. Our institutes, face-to-face courses, and job-embedded leadership coaching are designed to support all leaders in helping teachers raise student achievement.

Our services for leaders cover a wide array of topics and include foundational courses for effective organizational and instructional leadership:

Foundations of Organizational Leadership Courses

-Day 1: Leading Change for Rigorous and Relevant Learning
-Day 2: Developing and Implementing Rigorous and Relevant Instruction
-Day 3: Integrating Literacy and Math Practice Areas to Raise Rigor and Relevance
Day 4: Facilitating Data-Driven Decision Making
-Day 5: Leading Professional Dialogue to Support Rigor and Relevance

Foundations of Organizational Leadership Courses

-Day 1: Creating a Culture of High Academic Expectations
-Day 2: Establishing Structures and Communicating a Shared Vision
-Day 3: Using System Wide Data to Support Decision Making
Day 4: Building Leadership Capacity Focused on a Shared Vision
-Day 5: Sustaining a Culture of Instructional Excellence

Todd Daggett, Senior Vice President, recognizes principals’ roles as an instructional leader in the face of steadily increasing demands.