In-Person Workshops

With a 90-year background of talking with educators and parents, Scholastic designed a series of workshops to help school leaders make the greatest impact in the following areas:

Building Partnerships That Support Student Achievement and Development

Administrators and educators receive an overview of how to make FACE work for them. It explores ways to maximize FACE’s comprehensive tools and apply them to in-school initiatives by linking to curriculum goals that support student development.

Supporting Literacy Through Family and Community Engagement

Learn how to engage families and child-care providers with key strategies to support reading at home and in the community. Educators develop relationships with the community to continue children’s literacy development outside the classroom.

Creating Parent Academies That Foster Learning

District leaders and administrators develop valuable community-building skills needed to foster sustainable, productive partnerships with children’s parents in support of in-classroom initiatives.

Using Data to Build Family and Community Engagement

Get familiarized with the role that data plays in helping establish strong relationships with your surrounding communities to develop more effective, research-backed programming.