We believe that every school and school district has its own DNA. Our partnerships around the country are founded on a deep understanding of goals and challenges, whether they be unique or common.

Together, we can DESIGN A PLAN that addresses your needs in all areas.


A sophisticated process that enables all stakeholders to identify the strengths and weaknesses of schools and districts through both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Information collected during the needs assessment will help administrators and teachers identify key actions for driving the development of schools and districts in order to improve student achievement.

Leadership Development: Leadership teams will learn how to embrace common visions and goals - rigor, relevance, and relationships for all students - and be given the tools to make positive, innovative changes.

Professional Development for Teachers: Staff will learn how to clarify students learning expectations and will be trained on how to deliver a rigorous, relevant education to each individual in their classrooms.

Sustainability requires thoughtful planning for district and school improvement where stakeholders understand that success is an ongoing process that includes ever-changing curricular and instructional demands.



Schools across the country must realign grade-level expectations, increase the rigor of instruction, and ensure that students are able to apply what they know—both on assessments and throughout their academic careers.

No matter where you are in the process of preparing for or implementing the Common Core State Standards, we can support you with SAP planning and advising services, courses, in-classroom support, and online tools for every member of your team:

  • Leaders and key transition staff learn how to explain the Common Core components and instructional shifts.
  • Literacy and content area teachers learn how to implement the instructional shifts and build literacy skills.
  • Mathematics teachers learn how to teach conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, adaptive reasoning, productive disposition, and other essential skills.

We also offer targeted professional learning services for:

Sue Gendron, ICLE President, discusses the key elements of a successful Common Core transition.



Successful schools strive to raise student achievement for all AND to succeed in graduating higher numbers of College- and Career-ready students. Experience shows us that these schools abound with models of distributed and shared leadership.

Without the passionate people to initiate and support change, any reform effort will quickly lose momentum. Leaders must respond to change appropriately and show others the way. Their informed and steady guidance on the challenging journey toward change is essential.

Our leadership-development services include:

Bill Daggett, ICLE Founder, describes the new reality of what College- and Career-readiness means in the American workplace today.



The teacher-student relationship is pivotal to students’ academic success. We help you build effective teaching practices through a powerful blend of face-to-face courses, online tools, and job-embedded coaching. This approach ensures that the work we do together is effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Our Blended Professional Learning System ensures all teachers are fully supported in adapting to the instructional changes driven by new teacher evaluations, the Common Core, and the Next Generation Assessments.

  • Face-to-face professional development courses. Unify understanding professional development courses.
  • Job embedded instructional coaching and lesson modeling. Bring instructional strategies to life in the classroom.
  • Online professional learning—Nextpert. Sustains and enhances learning in between face-to-face visits

Our professional learning services for teachers and coaches include:

Duncan Young, SAP Senior Vice President, walks through Scholastic Achievement Partners’ Blended Professional Learning System.



SAP will partner with your school and district leadership teams using a data-driven process for whole-school reform that includes:

Needs Assessments

We work with school and district leadership teams to identify the strengths and challenges of a district or school. Our Needs Assessments include interviews, surveys, focus group discussions, presentations, and a final report.

Strategic Planning

Based on the needs assessment, an expert consultant facilitates the strategic-planning process to create consensus around priority goals, develop strategic action plans, and align priority goals to the school-performance targets of your state.

Our Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning services include:

Sam Howe, Vice President of Academic Planning & Analysis, explains how SAP helps districts create a data-driven school improvement plan based on their specific needs.



Successful, sustained literacy and math improvement efforts begin with a passionate desire to improve the academic success of the students you serve. To that end, SAP provides multi-faceted support to help you implement research-based Scholastic programs.

Our work in more than 1,000 districts across the country provides Scholastic with unique insight as to what works and what doesn’t. We capture our experience in Managing Achievement Protocol, or MAP. Like any “map,” it is designed to help you get to your destination: successful, sustained literacy and mathematics improvement for all students.:

We also offer targeted Professional Learning services for:

Read about MAP (Managing Achievement Protocol), our research-based framework for successful program implementations.



Scholastic FACE brings together research-based programs and resources that equip educators, parents, and communities with the strategies they need to boost the literacy skills of all children beyond the classroom.

The Early Literacy and Access to Books are proven to most significantly impact a child’s academic development. FACE offers research-based programs that foster school readiness and help build home libraries.

We also offer professional development and resources to support educators in implementing Family and Community Engagement best practices.



No two schools are exactly the same, but the ultimate goal is a shared one: to set students up for success and prepare them for college and career. We work with you to establish a deep understanding of your unique goals and create a plan specific to your needs.

Our Five Principles for Sustainable School Improvement help keep all stakeholders focused on what matters most:
  • Start with a Plan, Grounded in Data, and Monitor Relentlessly

  • Build a Rock-Solid Foundation in Literacy and Math

  • Align All Systems Around Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

  • Implement a College- and Career-Ready Curriculum

  • Engage Students, Families, Staff, and the Community in a Culture of Success

Our comprehensive school improvement services include:

Duncan Young, SAP Senior Vice President, walks through our Five Key Principles of Comprehensive School Improvement.