Optimal school performance and academic success for all students begins with instructional excellence—made possible by informed professional educators who are supported in their work.

With a constantly changing education landscape, new challenges are inevitable. Our team of professional learning experts and educators will work with you and your teams to fill all gaps in your system. We’re passionate about helping principals, coaches, and teachers to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations

Our work is guided by the System for Effective Instruction (SEI), which ensures that stakeholders at every level of the organization are focused on increasing student achievement by building and supporting instructional excellence. For more information on the SEI, download the SEI White Paper (PDF).

Todd Daggett, Senior Vice President, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), described systemic capacity building for student learning and achievement.

School leaders must
create a shared vision and culture for success, with
organizational systems aligned to support
student achievement.
Instructional priorities must be clearly defined, with data used in a systemic way to drive decision making, and ongoing opportunities provided for professional growth.

Teachers must have deep content knowledge and be armed with a powerful set of instructional strategies to drive student achievement.



Effective organizational leaders, guided by a clearly-defined vision and goal-targeted mission, tackle obstacles, align systems, and build leadership capacity.

SAP has developed a range of services to fully support superintendents and district leaders, including:
  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning to identify specific areas of leadership growth.
  • Leadership Institutes, Keynotes, and Professional Development that address topics such as Creating A Culture of High Academic Expectations.
  • Executive Coaching provided by a team of experts.

Visit our Leadership Development services page to learn more.

Angela Faherty, Senior Fellow, ICLE, focuses on the need to provide superintendents with support at this crucial stage in American education.



Effective instructional leaders expect the most of both students and teachers—and provide the best of standards-aligned curriculum, data-driven decision-making, and professional growth opportunities.

Todd Daggett, Senior Vice President, ICLE, recognizes the role of principals as instructional leaders in the face of steadily increasing demands.



A culture of literacy is the crux of student achievement. We help you provide ongoing support to all Literacy and ELA teachers through in-person courses and customized job-embedded coaching, lesson modeling, and online support.



At Scholastic Achievement Partners, we are dedicated to improving student performance in mathematics through high quality instruction. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with Math Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of math professional development, to deliver professional learning, resources, and program implementation support to improve math instruction in classrooms nationwide.

Through a powerful combination of face-to-face training, job-embedded instructional coaching, and online support, we partner with districts to build the district-wide capacity needed for systematic improvements in math instruction.

Educators attending Math Solutions Professional Learning Sessions speak about their experiences.



With Next Generation Assessments, educators are facing the challenge of bringing higher standards to life in the classroom. We developed the Foundations of Effective Instruction series to help K–12 teachers understand the core elements of exemplary instruction and prepare for the Next Generation Assessments. Courses in this series include:

Bill Daggett, Founder, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), explains what Next Generation Instruction looks like.