You can count on SAP for both customized content and professional learning delivery systems fit your needs and schedules. Our services provide a robust menu of options designed to offer “just right” professional learning based on your needs and budgets.

Our Blended Professional Learning system ensures all educators are fully supported in adapting to the instructional changes driven by new teacher evaluations, the Common Core, and Next Generation Assessments.

Duncan Young, SAP Senior Vice President, walks through Scholastic Achievement Partners’ Blended Professional Learning System.



Your entire school community will find our data­-driven Whole-School Reform both efficient and intellectually invigorating:

  • Needs Assessments: We work with school and district leadership teams to identify the strengths and challenges of a district or school. The Needs Assessment includes interviews, surveys, focus group discussions, presentations, and a final report.
  • Strategic Planning: Based on the needs assessment, an expert consultant facilitates the strategic­ planning process to create consensus around priority goals, develop strategic action plans, and align priority goals to the school­ performance targets of your state.

Sam Howe, Vice President of Academic Planning & Analysis, explains how SAP helps districts create a data­driven school improvement plan based on their specific needs.



A strong message and building consensus around various parts of a vision is critical as a first step toward creating a new and vibrant culture of ongoing school improvement.

Our world­-renowned keynoters can assist schools, districts, state agencies, and regional and national organizations in building awareness with customized presentations around key education issues and addressing:

  • Why change is needed NOW
  • What needs to change according to current data, research, and best practices
  • What is the new, agreed­-upon direction
  • How that change will occur

Learn more about our nationally acclaimed of education keynote presenters, including Bill Daggett, Ray McNulty, Sue Gendron, Sue Szachowicz, Jim Warford, and many more.



Work with us to develop the most promising plan possible for utilizing the few days a year you have for professional learning. We will work with you to customize one or more institutes that meet the specific needs of your teams based on school or district goals. These services are ideal for districts with new leadership or staff, or within a district that is undergoing rapid change. You can also participate in our annual events including:

Model Schools Conference

Learn from the nation’s highest­performing and most rapidly improving schools as they share their successful implementation strategies. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in 100+ concurrent sessions on a variety of topics. All educators will return to their district empowered, inspired, and ready to iimmediately implement best practices and sustainable classroom and school-­wide improvement plans.

Leadership Academy

This professional learning event focuses on strategies for leading effective change. Building­-level and district leaders, aspiring principals, department chairs, and lead teachers will begin building comprehensive strategic plan tailored to their needs, and participate in facilitated strategic ­planning sessions.



Teachers must continue to develop and enhance their professional expertise to ensure student success in today’s changing world. Our research-­based, classroom-­tested teaching practices help your teachers transform instruction with in­-person professional development that is engaging, dynamic, and focused on actionable strategies that promote effective teaching to engage and motivate students.

Our services for teachers cover a wide array of topics, and include foundational courses for effective instruction:

  • Day 1: Creating a Rigorous and Relevant Learning Environment
  • Day 2: Applying Rigorous and Relevant Instructional Strategies
  • Day 3: Unpacking and Designing Next Generation Assessments
  • Day 4: Using Data to Inform Instruction
  • Day 5: Collaborating for Continuous Professional Learning

Face­-to-­Face Professional Development services are also available to support Scholastic program implementations.



Teachers today are facing an evaluation process that can often be very frightening. Our goal is to guide teachers with In-­Classroom Support and Lesson Modeling: a collaborative process in which a consultant works shoulder­-to­-shoulder with each teacher, providing answers to questions, demonstrations of best practices, and personalized feedback. This process supports teachers in their journey to excellence and makes instructional transformation and student achievement a reality. In this process, all teachers receive:

  • Personalized support to help them implement and monitor instructional strategies and assessments
  • Observation and feedback to help build skills to increase student achievement
  • Facilitated data analysis to provide strategies and tactics to meet the needs of all students

Karen Burke, Director of Academic Planning and Analysis, describes SAP’s personalized and supportive approach to helping teachers achieve instructional excellence.



With Nextpert—a new approach to online professional learning—all in­-person professional learning is enhanced and extended.

BUILD: Lesson and assessment building tools help teachers create engaging lessons and application­-based assessment items, as well as personalize existing items from the Nextpert resource library.

LEARN: Teachers can build their expertise—pinpointed to their area of need and on their own schedule—with graduate­-level courses and extensive resources in an intuitive, easily searchable library.

CONNECT: One­-click access to instructional experts and peer collaboration helps guide teachers’ planning and preparation for Next Generation instruction right when it’s needed most.

VIEW PROGRESS: Nextpert provides leaders with real­-time progress monitoring, instant data reporting, and high-­level implementation support that strengthens a district’s professional learning initiatives, including those with Scholastic, the International Center for Leadership in Education, and Math Solutions.

Learn how Nextpert sets teachers up for success—on evaluations, in transforming instruction for the Common Core and Next Generation Assessments, and in preparing their students for successful futures.