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Finally a balance….The Complete 4 for Literacy is a must read for all educators who aim to organize their teaching of reading and writing into thoughtful units, while at the same time, utilizing their students as their number one curriculum informants. Pam’s framework will encourage professional conversation among all school staff members…. conversation about thoughtful literacy instruction across grades, a balanced curriculum that allows for differentiation, and at the heart, the importance of joyful teaching. “

Joanne Hindley,
author of In the Company of Children

“Teachers who are looking for help designing their reading and writing curriculums will find a new best friend in Pam Allyn. This wise, thoughtful, and practical book will help them put the pieces of the literacy puzzle together to create a perfect year for students.”

—Carl Anderson,
author of How's It Going?
and Assessing Writers

“Pam reminds us of the power of reading aloud, the magical pull the music of language can have on the human spirit. She reminds us of the influence a single teacher can have, an influence that can ripple out across decades and countless lives. She reminds us that, as teachers, we have knowledge that sets us apart from the general public and that knowledge can and should be the guiding force in our teaching. And she reminds us to always, always temper that knowledge with our common sense.”

Lester Laminack,
author of Cracking Open the Author’s Craft
and Learning Under the Influence of Language and Literature

“Pam Allyn’s The Complete 4 for Literacy is essential reading for teachers who want to rethink and deepen their reading and writing year.”

Georgia Heard,
author of The Revision Toolbox
and Writing Toward Home

“I love this book and so will every teacher who seeks a ‘systematic approach that allows for flexibility and teacher preference.’ Imagine, a complete learning plan, not only for your grade, but for all grade levels. This will change the nature of how you think about instruction and long range planning. I COMPLETELY recommend The Complete 4 for Literacy and applaud this grand accomplishment.”

—Judy Davis:
Author of The No Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing:
Strategies, Structures, Solutions

“This wise and wonderful book invites teachers to live toward a perfect year of teaching. Pam Allyn's humor and long, rich teaching experience are woven into the work she describes here: teaching young writers to love reading and writing, to be independent, to have stamina, and to make good choices. Using her ‘Complete 4’ framework - process, genre, strategy, and conventions - will help teachers design units and individual lessons that are robust and meaningful. A must have for teachers!”

Janet Angelillo,
author of Making Revision Matter
and Writing About Reading

“This is a journey every school must undertake if it wants to cultivate a skillful and knowledgeable staff. Pam Allyn shows us the way, helping us learn to be precise and deliberate about every step we take.”

Emma Suárez-Báez,
Literacy Coordinator and Coach,
P.S. 340, New York

“At last, a flexible framework that respects teachers and believes in their ability to make good, instructional decisions! The Complete 4 recognizes that in the area of curriculum planning ‘one size does not fit all’ and offers a comprehensive guide to developing a balanced, quality reading and writing curriculum.”

Janet Knight,
Kindergarten Teacher,
Mamaroneck School District, New York

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