Isabel Beck
University of Pittsburgh

Isabel Beck, Ph.D., is a Professor of Education and Senior Scientist at the University of Pittsburgh, where she teaches reading education courses and conducts reading research. She has engaged in extensive research on decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension, and has published her work in over 100 articles and chapters as well as in several books.

She is a recipient of the Oscar S. Causey Award for Outstanding research from the National Reading Conference and the International Reading Association’s William S. Gray Award for lifetime contributions to the field. She is also a recipient of the contributing researcher award from the American Federation of Teachers for "bridging the gap between research and practice.”

Beck is the author of Text Talk and coauthor with Margaret McKeown of Improving Comprehension with Questioning the Author (Scholastic). Her other books include Making Sense of Phonics: The Hows and Whys and Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction.

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