"This book is a rich and diverse collection of activities, insights, and advice about how to provide expert vocabulary instruction in a wide range of classroom contexts. A highly usable book that should get a workout by teachers..."

Timothy Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago,
IRA President, 2006-2007

“In The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom, Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri have assembled experts in the field who not only know the research and theory on sound vocabulary instruction but also the practical, instructional implications of this literature. As a result, this volume provides educators with empirically based, practical vocabulary instructional strategies. The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom is an essential, invaluable professional book that ought to be in the libraries (and hands) of all classroom teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, and subject-matter teachers as they prepare vocabulary lessons and activities.”

James F. Baumann, University of Georgia

I love this book! A research-based framework sets the stage, and chapter after chapter provides classroom-tested, engaging, and effective techniques for building vocabulary. There's not a chapter you should miss, and many that take on topics or perspectives not found in other books on vocabulary instruction. A book on vocabulary instruction that is exciting? Inspiring? You bet!  I've been reading about vocabulary instruction for a long time, and yet I encountered many new ideas and perspectives. Great book!

Nell Duke, Associate Professor, Michigan State University,
Associate Director, Literacy Achievement Research Center.

“Despite the fact that vocabulary and comprehension have been found to be strongly related, many educators find teaching vocabulary to be especially challenging.  With The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom, Block and Mangieri respond to this concern by providing a wide variety of practical, effective, and step-by-step approaches for teaching students how to learn and master all types of words. The chapters’ authors, all well-known researchers, write with a teacher’s voice, creating a readable, comprehensive, and very useful volume.  Your students will thank you for jazzing up your literacy and content classroom with these proven and enjoyable activities!”

MaryEllen Vogt, California State University, Long Beach

“This book would be a valuable addition to an educator’s professional library. By bringing together some of the best researchers and practitioners, Block and Mangieri provide a text that has a current research base and also provides practical classroom-based strategies that can be incorporated into instruction. Each chapter deals with specific issues that classroom teachers and curriculum leaders grapple with on a regular basis. In an easily readable style, this book helps teachers understand how to support growth in vocabulary for the range of learners that come to our schools each day. Given the important relationship between vocabulary and comprehension, this is a book that teachers need to read and share with others.”

Charlene Cobb, Director of Research and Curriculum, National Geographic School Publishing

"I wish I had this book for my teachers when I was a principal. There is a logical progression of vocabulary principles which are presented in a manner easily understood by both novice and experienced educators. The teaching activities are easy to follow and adaptable to any grade level.  It is a useful tool for school administrators, who, as curriculum leaders, are assisting their teachers to create vocabulary-enriched classrooms. This book will become a valued addition to my professional library and one that I recommend to my students and peers."

Dr. Sandra S. Murray, Retired South Florida Elementary Principal,
Adjunct Professor, Florida Atlantic University


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