"This is the book I've been waiting for! I can't wait to recommend this text to primary teachers because it has the potential for transforming literacy instruction in the primary grades. Duke and Bennett-Armistead provide a framework for instruction in reading and writing informational text that is solidly grounded in theory and research. They bring the classroom to life with outstanding practical suggestions and ideas. Teachers are going to LOVE this book. My advice to primary teachers is, RUN, don't walk, to get your copy of this book that gets at the heart of the excitement and joy of reading and writing informational text."

Linda B. Gambrell,
Professor and Director,
The Eugene T. Moore School of Education,
Clemson University

"This book started with a simple but powerful idea--that young children need to be exposed to a richer diet of informational texts. This idea makes so much sense that it is taking hold in classrooms across the country. Based on their work in the Early Literacy Project, Duke and Bennett-Armistead know more about how teachers can use informational text in guided reading and writing, independent reading, sharing and reading aloud, and other aspects of primary-grade instruction. These are good ideas grounded in research and in classroom experiences. This is a book that teachers will refer to over and over again."

Steven A. Stahl, University of Illinois 

"Nell and Susan really understand classrooms, and they know about informational text. This is an unbeatable and rare combination! They use their experience working with teachers and their research knowledge to make it possible for all of us to teach effectively with informational text. This is a must-read for everyone wanting to break loose from using narrative texts!"

Sheila Valencia, University of Washington

We are delighted to share noted educators' insights with you on Literacy and the Youngest Learner.

". . .  a must-read for educators who wish to integrate into their programs research-based strategies for language and literacy development. It provides a wealth of useful techniques that are fun and motivating for young children."

Susan B. Neumann,
Professor of Educational Studies,
University of Michigan

"Literacy and the Youngest Learner artfully draws on what is known about early literacy development. It provides early childhood teachers with engaging strategies for helping young children develop the full range of abilities needed for strong literacy growth."

David K. Dickinson,
Peabody School of Education,
Vanderbilt University

“Writing in a comfortable, conversational style, Bennett-Armistead, Duke, and Moses provide valuable assistance to early childhood teachers as they work to meet new literacy standards within a developmentally appropriate framework.”

Joan Lessen-Firestone,
Director of Early Childhood Programs,
Oakland Intermediate School District, MI


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