"This is a masterful introduction to critical literacy.  Powerfully grounded in theory and made accessible with clear explanations and practical classroom examples, Critical Literacy is destined to motivate and energize reading. Most importantly, it guides students to question, evaluate, and deeply consider what and how they have read.”

Jeffrey Wilhelm, Boise State University

“I’ve been waiting for a book on critical literacy that would make this important topic accessible to teachers, including those in primary classrooms. The authors have done a masterful job of blending theory and practice in a highly readable and informative manner. Specific lessons are provided using texts already familiar to many teachers.”

Kathryn Au, University of Hawaii

We are delighted to share noted educators' insights with you on Research-Based Reading Lessons for K–3.

“Maureen McLaughlin and Leslie Fisher have written the perfect professional development book for K-3 teachers. The topics are right on target with what primary teachers need to know about reading instruction. The topics match those recognized by the National Reading Panel report as necessary for creating successful readers. The information is rich and I particularly like the way the authors provide lessons for teachers that begin with easy material and proceed to that which is more difficult. This is a must for every K-3 teacher’s library.”

Lesley M. Morrow,
 Rutgers University;
Past President, International Reading Association

“McLaughlin and Fisher combine the best of what we have learned from reading research with the wisdom of informed, experienced, creative teachers who have learned much from teaching and observing children. This book provides a wonderful collection of rich, motivating, practical, effective activities; but it goes beyond the activities by presenting them in a coherent framework that addresses the essential elements needed to create high achieving, motivated readers.”

John J. Pikulski, University of Delaware;
Past President, International Reading Association

We are delighted to share noted educators' insights with you on Research-Based Reading Lessons for Grades 4–6.

“It is a serious misconception that children in grades 4-6 no longer need explicit teaching in learning how to read, yet in too many intermediate classrooms students are just reading books and taking tests, while receiving little or no meaningful reading instruction. In Research-Based Reading Lessons: Grades 4-6, the authors address this issue by further explicating Maureen McLaughlin’s powerful framework, The Guided Comprehension Model. Here you will find 24 comprehensive “use tomorrow” lessons for word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, based on award-winning, pre-teen literature. This book is a must-read for all teachers who care about their students’ literacy development.”

MaryEllen Vogt,
California State University at Long Beach;
Past President, International Reading Association

Research-Based Reading Lessons: Grades 4-6 is a wonderful resource for teaching reading in the upper elementary and middle grades. The authors present readable and ready-to-implement lessons aimed at critical areas of literacy and that are tied to specific instructional themes and pieces of literature. Furthermore, they provide a graduated instructional framework that allows teachers to design their own lessons around texts of their own choosing. This is definitely not a book that will be collecting dust on my bookshelf—I guarantee I will be using it often.”

Timothy Rasinski,
Kent State University


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