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Susan B. Neuman
University of Michigan
Susan B. Neuman, a Professor of Education at the University of Michigan, served as Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education from 2002 to 2004. She specializes in early literacy development, and her research and teaching interests include early childhood policy, curriculum, and early reading instruction. She is the author of numerous professional books. . . » See Full Bio
Yes! Yes! Yes! You will want to stand up and cheer when you read the authors' impassioned plea for teaching preschoolers about the world around them.
—Nell K. Duke,
Associated Professor,
College of Education
Michigan State University
On: Nurturing Knowledge
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In this practical resource, authors Susan B. Neuman and Kathleen Roskos share five essential early literacy practices and show how and why to apply these so children acquire the knowledge and the skills they need for academic success. Grades: PreK - K
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