“Gay Su Pinnell, Pat Scharer, and their colleagues present readers with a clear and thorough treatment of effective comprehension instruction for the primary grades. Highly readable chapters written by authors who are also seasoned teachers provide an intimate portrait of instruction that is sure to nurture active engagement in constructing meaning from text by young readers…This book is the essential guide for any primary grade teacher who wonders about creating effective comprehension instruction.”

Timothy V. Rasinski,
Kent State University

“This book couldn't be more timely. The recent Rand Report suggested the need for more intentional teaching of comprehension in the primary grades. Based on research yet written in a clear and friendly style, it will be a book I refer to a lot in my own teaching and writing. It is a must read for every primary teacher.”

—Lesley M. Morrow,
Rutgers University;
Past President, International Reading Association

“An excellent resource for teachers who seek to provide a well-balanced program of word study and text comprehension during the early grades. Addresses key concerns that although more children are getting off to a reasonably good start with simple uncomplicated texts many are unable to build on that momentum as they confront more difficult and complex texts beyond the early grades.  Effective comprehension instruction must start early.”

—Dorothy S. Strickland,
The State University of New Jersey


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