“From the moment The Fluent Reader first appeared in 2003, it quickly became the quintessential book on fluency for classroom teachers. Readers soon found that Dr. Rasinski had artfully woven a tapestry of research and practice about reading fluency that made both equally accessible. Tim is a master teacher and a recognized researcher who brings theory, research, and practice together into an extremely readable new edition of The Fluent Reader.

D. Ray Reutzel,
from the forward

Praise for the First Edition

“What I find remarkable about The Fluent Reader is the way Timothy Rasinski leads us from the theoretical to the practical …I suspect that teachers who read this text will be quick to take the ideas and apply them in their classrooms.”

James Hoffman,
The University of Texas at Austin

“This very readable book provides a research-based rationale for fluency instruction and a comprehensive collection of classroom-tested strategies. Teachers, tutors, and teacher educators will find it a practical, but theoretically sound guide to helping all students, especially struggling readers.”

Francine R. Johnston,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro


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