Linda Rief’s invitations to her student writers make my mouth water.  Her quickwrite models are so surprising and compelling that I know they’ll lead my students to extraordinary writing—meaningful, personal, and literary.  I cannot wait to use this book in my classroom.

Nancie Atwell,
Center for Teaching and Learning,
Edgecomb, Maine

"I've gone through your book, 100 Quickwrites, and I think it is marvelous. This is a fine contribution to the field and it is a book we need to pay attention to. Your ‘triggers’ for the quickwrites are substantive and offer all kinds of possibilities for writers of ALL ages. What they really need on the state or national tests is a well-chosen text such as yours, have the writer seize a portion or the overall piece, and then write.”

Donald H. Graves
Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire

“…Rief provides writing by professionals and her students that is brief and compelling, specific and memorable, writing that will spur your students into a ‘quickwrite,’ two or three minutes of fast writing in which they surprise themselves with memorable language and insight of their own.”

Tom Romano,
Miami University


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