Maximize your instruction time as students build essential content knowledge!
The Content-Rich Reading & Writing Workshop
The Content-Rich Reading & Writing Workshop
Grades 4–8
160 pages
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Nancy Akhavan

A Time-Saving Approach for Making the Most of Your Literacy Block

H ow do you help students hit the high achievement mark, engage them deeply in their studies, and fit everything you're expected to teach into a typical school day? The key is folding rich content instruction into the literacy block-taking students beyond the learning of reading and writing strategies to applying those strategies to content learning.

Backed by the latest research and classroom-tested practices, author Nancy Akhavan lays out a complete plan and coaches you every step of the way-from how to re-think your day to specific practices to step up your teaching.

The Content-Rich Reading & Writing Workshop provides:

Ten quick ways and a no-fail structure to create dynamic, content-packed reading and writing workshops
  • A Planning Guide for units of study that build both content knowledge and essential reading and writing strategies
  • Techniques to help your students navigate informational texts and become powerful nonfiction writers
  • Dozens of concrete tools and reproducibles: graphic organizers, concept maps, textbook tamers, read/think/review protocols, and more
Nancy Akhavan provides research-based, content-rich, well-designed lessons that make the best use of an educator's most valuable asset–instructional time.
Mike Ribera
Principal, Sequoia Middle School,
Fresno, California
As a teacher who has said, ‘I can't fit science and social studies into my packed classroom schedule,’ I found Nancy Akhavan's book to be an eye-opener.
Deanna Mathies
Literacy Coach
Central California
Helps teachers and administrators understand how to make use of every instructional minute. With the increased emphasis on content standards and nonfiction, teachers want help in planning and envisioning the possibilities.
Robin Cox
Coordinator of Elementary English Language Arts,
South Carolina