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100 Essential Forms for New Teachers
Finally, a one-stop resource for all the forms a teacher needs. From beginning-of-the-year checklists and customizable record-keeping forms to lesson-planning templates, this resource is packed with reproducibles teachers use to gather information about students, plan instruction, document students' progress, teach content, and communicate with parents.
Grades K – 5
Linda Ward Beech


130 FAQs and Practical Answers From Scholastic's Teacher Helpline
This reassuring resource contains dozens and dozens of frequently asked questions about everyday teaching issues—collected from Scholastic's Teacher Helpline. A mentor teacher answers a broad range of questions with a voice that is equal parts patient colleague, encouraging mom, and enthusiastic cheerleader.
Grades K – 6
Ruth Manna


35 Independent Math Learning Centers
Meet the needs of every student with these ready-to-use centers that provide essential math practice. While students work independently at their own pace, teachers can meet with small groups to provide enrichment or reteaching
Grades K – 2
Deborah Wirth


4 Keys to Successful Classroom Management
Kelly Bergman


Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Mainstream Classroom
This engaging and informative book gives you the knowledge you need to understand students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and the strategies you can use to help them succeed in school.
Grades K – 6
Barbara L. Boroson


Classroom Management in Photographs
Twenty teachers from a premier school district open up their classrooms and share their most valuable management tips and strategies-practical and proven ideas that can be implemented in the classroom right away.
Grades K – 5
Maria Chang


Classroom Management: 24 Strategies Every Teacher Needs to Know
A former classroom teacher, principal, and superintendent, David Adamson offers his most effective and easy-to-use strategies for organizing and managing classrooms that support students' learning and achievement.
Grades 3 – 8
David Adamson


Classroom Routines That Really Work for Pre-K and Kindergarten
Help children learn classroom routines! Filled with ideas for introducing and managing essential early childhood routines and activities that foster independence and build community.
Grades PreK – K
Renee Creange; Kathleen Hayes


Complete 4 for Literacy, The
This book provides an organizational framework, detailed models, lessons and practical support for mapping and building grade-specific curriculum across the school year through four major types of units of study—strategy, process, genre, and conventions—that integrate reading and writing.
Grades K – 5
Pam Allyn


Creating a Bully-Free Classroom
This complete resource is a must-have management guide for primary teachers who want to build students' self confidence, strengthen the classroom community, and "bully-proof" their classrooms. In a practical, step-by-step way, McMullen shows teachers how to help students discuss, plan, and practice social skills so they can react strategically in any bullying situation.
Grades 1 – 3
Carol McMullen


Differentiated Literacy Centers
Developing leveled materials and creating an organizational system to manage it all is an immense undertaking. In this comprehensive resource, veteran teacher and staff developer Margo Southall shares management tools along with hundreds of leveled activities that she has fine-tuned over the years.
Grades K – 3
Margo Southall


First Grade in Photographs
Full-color photographs selected by seasoned first-grade teacher Judy Lynch showcase dozens and dozens of creative, practical ideas, each accompanied by Judy's insightful comments. From arranging furniture and creating storage space to designing teaching areas and making schedules, Judy guides teachers through the creation of a successful classroom environment.
Grades 1 – 1
Judy Lynch


Fresh Takes on Centers: Writing
In this comprehensive resource, veteran teacher, reading specialist, and staff developer Mary Beth Allen shares her time-tested organizational tips and tools for easy-to-implement, research-based writing centers. Reproducible activity packets come complete with student directions, templates, record sheets, and graphic organizers to facilitate independent learning.
Grades 3 – 5
Mary Beth Allen


Great Eight: Management Strategies for the Reading and Writing Classroom. The
Maximize your classroom productivity with management techniques that enhance student learning and achievement. Full-color photographs from three veteran teachers showcase eight easy-to-implement management strategies and dozens of innovative, practical ideas, each accompanied by the authors' explicit, easy-to-follow instructions.
Grades K – 2
Pam Allyn; Karen McNally; Jaime Margolies


Kindergarten in Photographs
Take a tour of a vibrant and learning-rich kindergarten classroom. By browsing through dozens of full-color photographs and reading insightful captions and other clear descriptions of this dynamic environment, teachers will learn what they can do to support students' academic and social growth in kindergarten and provide a solid foundation for future learning.
Grades K – K
Jasmine Greene


Planning & Managing Effective Reading Instruction Across the Content Areas
In our time-starved, standards-driven world, it's essential to make the most of every classroom minute. This research-based, practical guide shows teachers how to seamlessly integrate reading strategy instruction across the curriculum and across the day, so students use strategies in a purposeful way that makes the instruction stick.
Grades 3 – 8
Deborah Corpus; Ann Giddings


Positive Teacher Talk for Better Classroom Management
The way teachers talk to students affects how young children learn and how they feel about themselves as learners and members of the classroom community. This book offers strategies for supporting students through the use of positive language and includes hundreds of model phrases and statements for welcoming children, helping children manage their behavior, giving feedback on work, and more.
Grades K – 2
Deborah Diffily; Charlotte Sassman


Principal's Leadership Sourcebook, The: Practices, Tools, and Strategies for Building a Thriving School Community
A principal who is an effective leader is the difference between a successful, thriving school and a failing school. Evan Robb is such an effective leader, and in this resource he shares his no-fail strategies for approaching budgets, instruction, community relations, school safety, and much more.
Grades 4 – 12
Evan Robb


Purposeful Conferences—Powerful Writing!
In this friendly guide, veteran teacher Marilyn Pryle shows how to give focused and effective feedback during writing conferences. She annotates dozens of conferences transcripts, demonstrating how to select a teaching point for a conference, validate students' efforts, motivate them to revise, and build their confidence as writers.
Grades 5 – & Up
Marilyn Pryle


Quick Start to Writing Workshop Success
Get writing workshop up and running with these classroom-tested ideas from veteran teacher Janiel Wagstaff. Janiel shares the essentials: the materials and routines you need to get kids writing right from the start, and the management and teaching ideas to keep them going strong.
Grades 2 – 5
Janiel Wagstaff


Scholastic Differentiated Instruction Plan Book, The
This 40-week planner, complete with interior storage pocket, is chockfull of resources to help teachers streamline and focus differentiated instruction. Includes CD with customize-and-print planning grids, lesson templates, and other tools to streamline planning and save time.
Grades 1 – 7
Cindy Middendorf


Tapping the Potential of Parents
This breakthrough book features concrete strategies that foster strong family-school partnerships which, in turn, help guarantee student success. The strategies, which enable teachers to interact with diverse families, include class and school demographic profiles, parenting contracts, parent vision statements, and parent informant literacy groups.
Grades K – 6
Patricia Edwards


Teacher's Essential Guide Series: Effective Instruction, The
For the busy teacher on-the-run, veteran teacher Jim Burke has created The Teacher's Essential Guide series, a collection of slender, quick-read guides that offers you targeted solutions to your most pressing instructional needs: how to build motivation, use meaningful assessment to monitor student learning and assign grades, create purposeful homework, use technology in ways that enhance learning, teach essential study skills, learn breakthrough grouping strategies, and create lessons that engage all students.
Grades 6 – 12
Jim Burke


Teaching Effective Classroom Routines
Experienced early childhood educators share their classroom-tested tips and strategies for teaching and reinforcing routines, and for guiding children's behavior on the first day of school, the first week, the first month, and beyond. Includes vignettes from real classrooms and more
Grades K – 2
Deborah Diffily; Charlotte Sassman


Teaching Teens and Reaping Results in a Wi-Fi, Hip-Hop, Where-Has-All-the-Sanity-Gone World
How do you prepare teens for the world filled with jobs, technologies, and challenges that don't even yet exist? Take a pull-no-punches, inspirational trip inside the classroom of Three-Time Teacher of the Year award winner and celebrated young adult novelist Alan Lawrence Sitomer.
Grades 6 – 12
Alan Sitomer


The Bully Solution: A Parent's Guide
Bullying is one of the toughest issues children face growing up. This guide—written just for parents— gives families a strategic approach to solving all kinds of bullying problems, both in and out of school. Parents will find McMullen's book accessible and filled with dozens of practical resources.
Grades K – 6
Carol McMullen


Your Best Year Yet! A Guide to Purposeful Planning & Effective Classroom Organization
Teachers will breathe easier and stress less with this collection of surefire strategies for classroom management. In practical language, Wolfe explains how to plan more effectively and better manage time, materials, and kids.
Grades 3 – 5
Shoshana Wolfe


Your Classroom Library: New Ways to Give It More Teaching Power
This helpful guide contains great teacher-tested and research-based strategies for organizing and using your library to increase students' reading achievement
Grades K – 6
Parker Fawson; Ray Reutzel

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