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130 FAQs and Practical Answers From Scholastic's Teacher Helpline
This reassuring resource contains dozens and dozens of frequently asked questions about everyday teaching issuesócollected from Scholastic's Teacher Helpline. A mentor teacher answers a broad range of questions with a voice that is equal parts patient colleague, encouraging mom, and enthusiastic cheerleader.
Grades K – 6
Ruth Manna


Easy & Effective Writing Lessons for English Language Learners
Drawing on more than fifteen years' experience teaching English language learners, Marilyn Pryle has designed and classroom-tested these ten writing assignments that support the particular needs of ELLs. Each assignment includes whole-class lessons to introduce the topic and teach about genre; leveled mini-lessons that address students' needs at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced language-proficiency levels; reproducible prewriting activities; and a rubric.
Grades 5 – & Up
Marilyn Pryle


Easy Ways to Reach & Teach English Language Learners
How can we help English Language Learners adapt and adjust to life in the classroomóand thrive? ELL specialist Valerie Schiffer-Dannoff shares her success strategies for including ELLs in meaningful instruction and classroom life right from the start.
Grades K – 5
Valerie Schiffer-Danoff


English Language Learners
Support English language learners with comprehensive, research-based programs that will build vocabulary, content-area knowledge, and confidence as they transition to English instruction.
Grades K – 12
David Freeman; Yvonne Freeman


English Learners in American Classrooms: 101 Questions, 101 Answers
The book provides a basic but comprehensive introduction that serves as a state-of-the-art guide to the field, using a straightforward Q&A format designed to focus sharply on the major issues, such as the research on effectiveness of various programs, and assessment and accountability for ELLs.
Grades K – 12
James Crawford; Stephen Krashen


Essential Spanish Phrase Book for Teachers, The
Overcome the language barrier with your Spanish-speaking students and their families with this handy guide and its indispensable tools.
Grades K – 6
Luisa Perez-Sotelo; Eileen L. Hogan


Side-by-Side Learning: Exemplary Literacy Practices for English Language Learners and English Speakers in the Mainstream Classroom
Hands-on, project-based learning enhances literacy and language of both English learners and English speakers as they work side by side-even within mandated programs. Book provides research-supported guidelines and strategies, with the DVD showing learners in action within two elementary classrooms where teachers support and stretch students' oral and written English and build content knowledge at the same time. 96 pages + DVD.
Grades 3 – 6
Karen Smith; Carole Edelsky; Christian Faltis


Teaching English Language Learners: Grades 6-12
This book provides situations and issues that teachers may encounter when working with ELL's, and offers grade-level appropriate solutions, teaching approaches and activities to address them.
Grades 6 – 12
Katharine Samway; Dorothy Taylor


Teaching English Language Learners: Grades K-5
This book provides situations and issues that teachers may encounter when working with ELLs, and offers grade-level appropriate solutions, teaching approaches, and activities to address them. The book is framed around real questions from real teachers in the field and offers strategies related to oral communication, reading, writing, assessment, special need students, and home school issues.
Grades K – 5
Katharine Samway; Dorothy Taylor


Teaching Writing in Mixed-Language Classrooms
As classrooms become more and more diverse, teachers are faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of all their studentsóboth English-speaking students and English Language Learners. Teaching writing is especially challenging in these mixed-language classrooms. In this book, a national literacy leader offers a variety of techniques for teaching writing that will motivate all students, while also providing ELLs with the supports they need.
Grades K – 5
Joanne Yatvin

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