Scholastic Early Childhood Program featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog
Early Reading First Alignment

Aligned to Early Reading First

The Scholastic Early Childhood Program is closely aligned to the federal Early Reading First legislation. Early Reading First identifies the critical areas for a successful high quality PreKindergarten curriculum. Scholastic combined three main areas into the program:

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Effective Curriculum

Create a successful environment for your children with a program that is thematic, integrated, and rich with culturally relevant materials in both English and Spanish.

  • Thematic Organization– ten themes that build from both a child-centered and teacher-directed perspective
  • Integrated Curriculum Planning– theme-based activities designed across all learning areas
  • Learning Activities in Two Languages– instruction in both English and Spanish with ESL support
  • Planning Flexibility– themes and lessons that adapt easily to class needs
  • Grouping Flexibility– suggestions and activities for different collaborative settings

Welcome to Kindergarten: A Guide for Setting Up and Managing Your Classroom is your resource to getting started. In this book you will find a program overview as well as information on room arrangement, classroom management, and time management. There are also charts to help you meet special needs in the classroom and information for using the program with three-year-olds.

Relevant Professional Development

Teacher Workshops The Scholastic Early Childhood Program features a wide array of professional books and resources that encourage teachers to reflect on their practice, the children they teach, and on how children are developing in their classroom.
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Strong Family Connection and Support

Early Childhood Program
The goal of the Scholastic Early Childhood Program is to help you create multiple paths to family involvement. Parents are a child’s primary source of guidance and support. Establishing an early relationship with parents, and continuing that relationship as the year progresses, is critical to the success of any early childhood program.



With Creating Family Partnerships, you have suggestions for fostering relationships as well as wonderful resources in English and Spanish to help you stay connected to the families of the children in your class. Suggestions are included for:

  • Meeting and Greeting Families
  • Teacher-Family Conferences
  • Family Meetings
  • Family Home Projects
  • Family Learning Nights

For each theme, you will have:

  • Door Hangers–three pages of fun activities and ideas for parents to do at home with children.
  • Letters to Families–introductions to the themes the class will be studying with ideas for parents to try at home and ways they can support classroom learning.
  • Mini-Books–reproducible, theme-related mini-books to take home that have emergent, predictable text to reinforce early reading skills.