Scholastic Early Childhood Program featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog


A strong knowledge base that reflects current research on how young children learn is critical for success in your classroom. The Scholastic Early Childhood Program features a wide array of professional books and resources that encourage teachers to reflect on their practice, the children they teach, and how children are developing in their classroom.

  Getting Started DVD
This DVD is your resource to getting started. The DVD reviews the program materials and shows teachers using the Scholastic Early Childhood Program. 

Welcome to PreKindergarten: A Guide for Setting Up and Managing Your Classroom.
In this book you will find a program overview as well as information on room arrangement, classroom management, and time management. 

  Teacher Tool Kit
A CD-ROM with printable resources including assessment tools, weekly planners, and family activities.
  My Guide for Ongoing Assessment and Professional Development
This binder is your personal tool for in-depth background on all areas of child development and learning. These resources include well-documented research as well as the most current studies in early learning. The My Guide Binder contains professional development resources, assessment tools and family involvement activities. 
  Teacher Workshops
This book is a series of 12 cooperative workshop sessions designed to facilitate discussions with your teaching team. Each workshop consists of a four-step plan centered around a research-based article written by a noted expert such as Susan B. Neuman, Lilian Katz, Stanly Greenspan, or Doug Clements. Through discussion and an action plan, you develop and integrate new activities into your daily schedule.
  Creating Family Partnerships
This bilingual guide to family involvement gives you suggestions for extending the learning day to home and fostering relationships with your children’s families.  Suggestions are included for:
  1. Meeting and Greeting Families
  2. Teacher-Family Conferences
  3. Family Meetings
  4. Family Home Projects
  5. Family Learning Nights

Supplemental Professional Development for PreK Educators
Scholastic offers supplemental workshops and half-day seminars to ensure that teachers receive ongoing, in-depth professional development designed specifically for meeting the needs of the youngest learners.


In-person professional development for PreKindergarten educators
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