Each game card features two rows of six squares. The goal is to match a square in the top row with a square in the second row

Kids show their matches by placing a removable colored frame around a square in the second row. For example, the first square in the top row, a bed, is framed in green. Kids are asked to identify its ending sound. They find the match for bed, the letter d, in the second row and snap the removable green frame around that square.

Kids repeat this process with the remaining colors until all six matches have been made. They can then self-check their answers by pulling down the blue slide to reveal six colored squares. If the colored frames correspond to the colored squares, all answers are correct!

After returning the blue slide to its original position, kids release the lock that holds the game cards in the game tray and remove the card. A new game of will be displayed and kids are ready to enjoy another round of exciting and skill-building SmartSquare fun!

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