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Reading Assessment Program Overview: Lexile Framework®

Learn More about the Lexile Framework for Reading

The Lexile Framework® is a Research-Proven System for Measuring Students' Reading Levels and Matching Readers to Text

The Lexile Framework uses a common metric to evaluate both reading ability and text difficulty. By placing both reader and text on the same scale, the Lexile Framework® allows educators to forecast the level of comprehension a student will experience with a particular text, and to evaluate curriculum needs based on each student's ability to comprehend the materials.

A System fir Measuring Reader Ability and Text Difficulty: A Guide for Educators

The best way to determine a student's Lexile® level is to administer the Scholastic Reading Inventory™, which provides a direct Lexile® measure. Learn more about Lexiles in SRI by downloading:
Lexiles: A System for Measuring Reader Ability and Text Difficulty:
A Guide for Educators

by MetaMetrics, Inc.

Widely Adopted

As the most widely adopted reading measure in use today, the Lexile Framework is used as the reading achievement metric in 24 states.

Lexile Reading Levels are Widely Adopted

Connect to High-Stakes Tests

The Lexile Framework® for Reading has been linked to many national and state norm-referenced assessments, including the SAT-10, SAT-9, SDRT-4, MAT-8, TerraNova Assessment Series (CTBS/5 and CAT/6), and the Iowa Tests (ITBS and ITED), as well as state tests, including the California STAR Reading Program, the North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests (NCEoG), and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) among others. By utilizing the Lexile Framework®, SRI provides educators with the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between high-stakes assessment and instruction, and indicates future performance on such tests.

The Lexile Framework® Background

The Lexile Framework® for Reading was developed by MetaMetrics, an independent education company based in Research Triangle Park, NC, after 15 years of research funded by the National Institutes of Health. More than 100,000 books and 80 million articles have a Lexile® measure.

MetaMetrics, Lexile Framework®, Lexile®, and the Lexile logo are trademarks and/or U.S. registered trademarks of MetaMetrics, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.