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Reading Assessment Program RTI Alignment

Download the SRI Response to Intervention Alignment Guide

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a framework that supports the practice of providing high-quality instruction and targeted interventions that match students’ needs. Using a multi-tiered model to deliver increasingly intense educational services, the RTI framework promotes systematic, data-driven processes for determining if implemented strategies are working for each student.

As a proven, research-based assessment of reading comprehension skills, Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) supports school- and district-wide RTI initiatives by providing actionable data that:

  • Universally screens all students on the same scale.
  • Support progress monitoring in Tier I and Tier II placements.
  • Identifies students with reading comprehension deficiencies.
  • Defines student performance-level skills in norm-referenced standards.
  • Supports benchmarking of reading performances.
  • Adapts and aligns to state performance goals.
  • Supports accurate evaluations about program effectiveness.

How Scholastic Reading Inventory Meets Specific RTI Requirements

Scholastic Reading Inventory supports school- and district-wide Response to Intervention Initiatives. SRI serves as a universal screener, placement tool, and progress monitor for all students.

SRI supports multi-tiered response to intervention efforts.

Tier III: Intensive Individual Intervention

For 5%-7% of students personalized, higher intensity and longer enduring intervention are required. These students fall below the 25% percentile for their grade and to support them, educators canrely on SRI for data-based evidence that an exit plan, or are an extension plan in needed.

Tier II: Targeted Small Group Instruction

For 15% of students (those with SRI Lexile scores that are in the range of 25th-40th percentile for their grade) achievement and behavior challenges are overcome successfully in an environment of explicit and intensive instruction. SRI data will help not only to determine placements but also assess students’ progress to determine if more intensive intervention is required.

Tier I: Core Instructional Program

SRI is used as a reading assessment which indicates whether your students are performing at or near grade level by providing educators with individualized reports to inform their instructional practice. Modifications to instruction and classroom based interventions begin with SRI data