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Reading Assessment Program Overview: Student Experience

SRI Reading Assessment Student Experience

Scholastic Reading Inventory™ (SRI)

is an objective, research-based assessment of students’ reading comprehension ability that can be administered to any reader regardless of age and grade level. As a computer adaptive test, SRI is designed for quick administration in an untimed, low-pressure environment.

SRI test items do not require prior knowledge of ideas outside the passage, do not test on vocabulary taken out of context, or require formal logic. SRI derives its question bank from authentic passages of literature that students encounter both in and out of school. Test items are drawn from a variety of content areas. SRI provides immediate feed back to students and provides three bilingual reports for parents to help them support reading goals.

How Students Will Experience SRI

Students Select Books to Read Students to Quizzes on the Computer Students Get a Reading List
SRI includes 21 teacher reports and letters

Teacher Reports

After students have read, teachers can access a wide range of reports through the Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM).

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