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Reading Assessment Management System & Reports

Learn About the Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM)

SRI manages data and reports in the Scholastic Achievement Manager, the data backbone for all Lexile®-based Scholastic reading programs. SRI, in addition to automatically scoring and analyzing student performance data, provides educators with 21 reports and letters that support universal screening, instructional placement, progress monitoring, and AYP reporting needs.

Smart Reports that Facilitate Targeted Instruction

Scholastic Reading Inventory District and School Proficiency ReportDistrict and School Proficiency Report
This report provides administrators and principals with an overview of student reading performance on a district- or school-wide basis.

Scholastic Reading Inventory Student Action ReportStudent Action Report
This report provides an individual student’s test history; targets appropriate instructional and independent reading levels; and gives specific teaching recommendations to help each student meet expectations.

Scholastic Reading Inventory Intervention Grouping ReportIntervention Grouping Report
Aligned to SRI normative data or modified to match state proficiency bands, this report helps educators make informed placement recommendations.

Scholastic Reading Inventory Student Yearly Progress ReportStudent Yearly Progress Report
This report is a graphic summary of a student’s Lexile® score and tracks student performance in relation to year-end, grade-level proficiency goals.

Scholastic Reading Inventory Recommended Reading ReportRecommended Reading Report
Students can generate an age-appropriate, interest-driven independent reading list based on their Lexile® level performance.

Scholastic Reading Inventory Targeted Reading ReportCollege and Career Readiness Report
(Available May 2012)

This report shows text complexity measures of widely used texts from fiction, informational, and functional sources. For middle school and high school students, their individual Lexile growth is benchmarked on the text that support key life milestones - a driver's license manual, military manuals, an college text books.