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Reading Assessment Program Overview

Scholastic Reading Inventory Computer-Based, Adaptive Reading Assessment


is a research-based, computer-adaptive reading assessment program for students in Grades K–12 that measures reading comprehension on the Lexile Framework® for Reading. The most powerful feature of the SRI is its ability to administer fast and reliable low-stakes assessment to inform instruction and make accurate placement recommendations. Aligned to state tests, SRI helps educators forecast student achievement to those important goals.

With SRI, educators can:

With Scholastic Reading Inventory, educators can support an RTI Framework.

Support an RTI Framework®

  • Reporting on a developmental scale, Scholastic Reading Inventory supports universal screening for all instructional levels.
  • Assessing in a computer-adaptive environment supports progress monitoring for Tier I and Tier III.
With Scholastic Reading Inventory, educators can receive accurate, native Lexile scores.

Receive an Accurate, Native Lexile® Score

  • Assessing students directly on a proven, computer-adaptive instrument, provides a highly accurate score.
  • Assessing on Scholastic Reading Inventory provides a native Lexile® score, not a derived score from a correspondence table.
With Scholastic Reading Inventory, educators can forecast growth toward grade-level state tests.

Forecast Growth toward State Goals

  • When state reading goals are aligned to the Lexile Framework®, Scholastic Reading Inventory can forecast individual and group outcomes.
  • With forecast tools, instructional interventions can be targeted, personalized, and effective.
With Scholastic Reading Inventory, educators can demonstrate accountability

Demonstrate Accountability

  • With 21 reports that provide clear actionable data, Scholastic Reading Inventory keeps all educators focused on outcomes.
  • With 6 bilingual school-to-home letters, Scholastic Reading Inventory helps educators communicate learning goals to parents and guardians.