Assessment of Learning

English 3D offers teachers daily opportunities to assess learning, inform instruction, and assign grades. Tests given at the beginning, middle, and end of the year also help schools and districts to assess students' learning over the course of the year.

  • Assessment Type
  • Assessment Instruments
  • Instructional Purpose
Daily Formative Assessments
  • Daily Do Now
  • Assess students' understanding and application of high-utility academic vocabulary.
  • Differentiate daily instruction according to student needs.
Academic Language Assessments
  • Beginning-, Mid-, and End-of-Year Tests
  • Assess language functions, vocabulary, grammar, and writing over the course of the year.
Curriculum-Embedded Assessments
  • Issue Tests
  • Assess academic vocabulary, summarizing, language, and convention skills with printable tests from the Teacher Space Disk.
Performance-Based Assessments: Writing
  • Academic Writing Assignments
  • Assess students' understanding of writing skills addressed in instruction.
  • Support continuous improvement with rubrics for peer feedback.
  • Support students with independent practice in writing and supporting an argument.
  • Develop students' ability to compose textual evidence-based responses.
Performance-Based Assessments: Speech
  • Speeches
  • Assess application of higher-order thinking skills such as synthesize and analyze that students have learned across multiple texts to produce an oral presentation.
  • Provide performance feedback and support continuous improvement through self-assessment and teacher rubrics.