Common Core State Standards

Supports Implementation of the Common Core State Standards

The content, routines, and portable language functions in English 3D will enable all academic English language learners to be a part of a dynamic community of learners and will ensure that these students are on a path towards college and career readiness.

Key Points from the
Common Core State Standards
English 3D Alignment
Through a range of challenging, complex informational and literary texts, students build knowledge, gain insights, explore possibilities, and broaden their perspectives. Text-dependent questions and tasks help students develop close reading and critical thinking skills.
  • Authentic, complex texts mirror texts students will encounter in content-area classes and Next Generation Assessments.
  • Instruction supports students in reading and evaluating information and data to use in academic speaking and writing tasks.
  • Text-based questions require students to read closely to synthesize key ideas and details and analyze craft and structure.
Students develop vocabularies through a mix of conversations, direct instruction, reading and writing. Students demostrate an understanding of morphology, including word relationships and nuances of word meanings, as well as a command of the conventions of standard English when reading, speaking, and writing.
  • Multiple readings of texts and frequent opportunities to use high-utility and domain-specific academic words in speaking and writing build students' academic vocabularies.
  • Instruction frontloads academic vocabulary words and includes the study of academic word families to build word knowledge and support precise word choice.
  • Daily opportunities for written response and academic discussions in pairs, small groups, and whole class build language proficiency.
  • Response frames focus on essential language elements and grammatical targets.
  • Explicit instruction in conventions and language supports skills that are required for academic speaking and writing.
Students develop the ability to write logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound of reasoning, and relevant evidence across a range of writing, including both shorter and extended writing tasks. Written analysis and presentation of findings are demonstrated through research.
  • Extended formal writing assignments focus on academic writing types, including summarizing, justification, argument, and research.
  • Daily writing tasks require brief constructed written responses to prepare students for Next Generation Assessments.
  • Writing frames guide students in writing increasingly complex paragraphs, essays, and research papers.
  • Instruction guides students to paraphrase and use direct quotes to cite data and text evidence that support their claims in writing and speaking.
Speaking & Listening:  
Students engage in productive, accountable academic discussions, presenting ideas with context-specific language and vcabulary in whole-class, peer groups, and one-to-one settings. Students summarize and evaluate the opinions of others and present their own conclusions cogently using formal academic English.
  • Academic discussions, speeches, debates, and interviews structure frequent opportunities for students to prepare and present ideas orally using formal academic English.
  • Structured instructional routines guide teachers to manage and facilitate student collaboration in pairs, small groups, and as a whole class.
  • Increasingly sophisticated response frames provide structure for students to restate, compare, agree, and disagree.
  • Response and note-taking tasks hold students accountable for listening to and restating classmates' ideas.
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