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VIDEO: Stuff YA Readers Say?

#IreadYA buzz continues! If you’ve ever chosen a book over friends, cried through a last chapter in public, or talked about fictional characters as if they were real people, then perhaps you can relate.
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From Leo and Diane Dillon's If Kids Ran The World, to Christopher Paul Curtis' Madman of Piney Woods, to Tanuja Desai Hidier's Bombay Blues, Scholastic continues to publish books for every reader.
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Nonfiction Series from Scholastic Library Publishing

Rookie Toddler: Will You Wear a Blue Hat?
Encourage a love of reading with these new board books!
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Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers ? Kids Like Me (Global Awareness): This is the Way We Go to School
Learn how children around the globe go to school!
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Featured Books for August/September 2014

What's New? The Zoo! <br/> 
A Zippy History of Zoos

What's New? The Zoo!
A Zippy History of Zoos

by Kathleen Krull, Marcellus Hall
Illustrated by

“Wonderful…Playful.” —SLJ
The Great Greene Heist
The Great Greene Heist
by Varian Johnson


“Fast-paced...funny.” —Kirkus
“Cleverly constructed.” —Horn Book
Curses and Smoke </br> A Novel of Pompeii
Curses and Smoke
A Novel of Pompeii

by Vicky Alvear Shecter
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"“An impossible forbidden love in ancient Pompeii delivers history to romance fans.” — Kirkus Reviews "

Author Spotlight

Jude Watson
Jude Wason is the author of three other 39 Clues books, Beyond the Grave, In Too Deep, and A King’s Ransom, and the best-selling Star Wars: Last of the Jedi and Jedi Quest series.

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The 39 Clues: Unstoppable:
Nowhere to Run

Unlock the Game

Featured Video

Author/illustrator Jeffrey Brown returns in the highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times Bestseller Star Wars: Jedi Academy. This year, Roan will have to face alien poetry tests, menacing robots, food fights, flight simulation class, online bullies, more lightsaber duels, and worst of all . . . a girl who is mad at him. 

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Invite an Author

Michael Northrop
Michael Northrop grew up in a small town in New England and currently lives in New York City. A former baseball editor of Sports Illustrated Kids and one-time standup comedian, he is an energetic and entertaining speaker. His books cover a range of ages/reading levels, from middle grade such as his new multiplatform series, TombQuest, out next spring, to books for older kids, like his newest YA novel Surrounded by Sharks.
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