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I GutmanWelcome! Create a rich, powerful connection between students and reading by inviting an author to your school. Besides being a fun break from the classroom routine, an author or illustrator visit introduces students to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one's creativity; it gets readers excited about books; and it provides an opportunity to encourage young writers.

See this step-by-step guide to plan a schedule, request a visit by specific authors, and order books for the big day.

If the author you are interested in is not listed below, it may be that Scholastic is licensed to distribute their books through the School Book Clubs and Book Fairs only. Or, if you have requested a well established author or illustrator originally published by Scholastic and they are not listed, it may be because they are not accepting invitations for school visits.

New authors are added during the school year, so we encourage you to check this site periodically to see if a specific author or illustrator is available.

*The following authors have very limited availability due to their demanding editorial schedules.

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