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"Remember the True Books that we used in school for research? Well, TrueFlix is that resource for the 21st century learner! The same high quality design librarians use to teach nonfiction is now in an online format, infused with video clips, links to additional sources, and a "soft" assessment. While it can be used like a conventional book, this tool can also be used intuitively by students to find what they need. Used individually by students or as a class with a White Board, it is a great way to teach the inquiry method to younger researchers, allowing them to be independent while still having a safe teaching and learning environment. At the time of this review there were 47 titles in 8 categories. There are also lesson plans connected to curriculum standards. Though not the best choice for an intensive research project, it is perfect for those students who love nonfiction and learning facts and is a definite asset to developing an online curriculum support system."


—Library Media Connection

"Every time you turn around, the print and digital realms are combining in unusual and intriguing ways. Few nonfiction resources embody this union more noticeably than Scholastic's TrueFlix.TrueFlix has the potential to be a useful tool for student learning.

The page is well laid out, clear to read and navigate. In fact, it's pleasantly distraction-free. Overall, the look is fresh, with plenty of white space and clear icons. This is a good way for kids to get an overview of what TrueFlix has to offer. The navigation is pleasingly no-nonsense.

A useful Explore More section offers additional info, such as links to Grolier online encyclopedia articles, profiles of important people (such as a bio of James Richter in the section on earthquakes), primary sources, stories, poems, charts and tables, and multimedia. It's an impressive collection that will help extend learning.

... if your school's curriculum is a close match to the content, this could be an online resource with a lot of value.the best way to look at TrueFlix-as a set of nonfiction books taken to greater heights through technology."
—School Library Journal.