Zip Zoom Critical-Word Readers
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Zip Zoom Critical-Word Readers
This revolutionary program is the first-ever designed to accelerate the reading achievement of beginning English-Language Learners to a reading level at which they can fully participate in core reading instruction along with their English-speaking peers. Zip Zoom Critical-Word Readers are proven to help English-Language Learners gain reading skills at a rate that will close the achievement gap. Zip Zoom Critical Word Readers: Leveled Teaching Materials
Program Author
Dr. Elfrieda Heibert
University of California, Berkley
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Professional Guide
Provides complete instruction for each paired book and supports all three levels of the program.
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Proven to Work
Zip Zoom Critical Word Readers Accelerate Reading Fluency for ELL Zip Zoom Critical Word Readers Close the Achievement Gap
Building Reading Fluency for ELLs
Hiebert Study
With only 12 weeks of instruction, Zip Zoom Critical-Word Readers accelerated students’ reading fluency at a rate researchers have proposed as necessary for closing the achievement gap.
Closing the ELL Achievement Gap
Hiebert and Fisher Study
Zip Zoom Critical Word Readers helped English language Learners achieve reading fluency above and beyond students who read Open Court decodable books.
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