Back-to-School Tips

Before the first day . . .
Make a copy of this list to use before school starts each year.

__ Make bulletin-board decisions: where to post announcements, menu, and calendar; what kind of welcome-back display to make; which boards will be for subject-area work and which boards students will design; where to display studentsí original work.
__ Set up learning centers
__ Make signs for room
__ Prepare class rolls and permanent records
__ Make class list to post on door
__ Put your name outside the door

__ Make student name tags for desks or have them make their own
__ Find out schedules for lunch, gym, art, music, library
__ Obtain supplies
__ textbooks and supplemental materials
__ plan books
__ storybooks for read-alouds
__ attendance materials
__ paper clips
__ construction paper
__ manila folders
__ different kinds of tape

__ extra writing paper

__ grade book

__ rubber bands
__ stapler and staples
__ handwriting paper

__ spare pencils/pens

__ tissues
__ Prepare packets for students to take home the first day. Include:
__emergency forms
__school rules


__bus or transportation rules

__note to parents/request for room-parents

__Check to see which students may be going to special classes

__Check out library books and read-alouds

__Set up a folder for a substitute to use in case of emergency

__daily schedule (fill in as soon as possible)

__seating chart (fill in as soon as possible)

__reproducible activities

__Prepare a file for correspondence from parents

__Prepare a file for faculty bulletins
__Write tentative lesson plans for the coming week
__Duplicate materials needed for the first few days
__Write your name and other important information on the board
__Make a checklist for returned forms (can be used later for report cards and other items)

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Excerpted from Linda Shalaway's book, Learning to Teach . . . not just for beginners