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The Scholastic family is deeply shocked and saddened by the events of September 11. Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones, as well as with teachers who have the special responsibility of helping children cope with these senseless acts of violence. As a company we are committing ourselves to the goal of helping teachers build a better world through reading, learning and understanding.

Suggested Books for Dealing with the September Tragedy
Being sensitive to the needs of children is the first step in selecting or suggesting appropriate books for reading or listening. Another important step is follow-up. Merely reading books intended to help children make sense of their world is not enough. If children are to be supported in exploring their feelings and developing new insights, thoughtful discussion or other activities such as writing, art, and creative dramatics must follow the reading of the book.

The following list of suggested books provides a framework for helping children deal with the emotional impact of the terrorist attack. Reading these books aloud or in partner reading provides a spring board to discussion. In discussing the book, remember to ask open-ended questions to promote thoughtful discussion. Four key questions to prompt discussion are:

  • What did you notice in the story?
  • How did the story make you feel?
  • What does this story remind you of in your own life?
  • Did you learn something from reading this story?

    Linda Cornwell
    National Literacy Consultant

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Scholastic Recommends Books for Teaching Diversity


Angel Child, Dragon Child

Ut, an immigrant child from Vietnam, tries adjusting to a new life in America. A heartfelt, gentle, and realistic story.
Order Number: 42271

Baseball Saved Us
A young boy tells how baseball gave them a purpose while enduring injustice and humiliation in a Japanese internment camp.

Order Number: 80805

The Story of Ruby Bridges
As the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school, this work of nonfiction shows us all how brave and forgiving a six year-old child can be.
Order Number: 43968

Baseball history is brought to life in this vivid description of the racial prejudice experienced by Jackie Robinson when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and became the first black player in Major League baseball.

Order Number: 36669

We are All Alike, We are All Different
Written and illustrated by Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergartners.
Order Number:

Dare to Dream
A sensitive biography of Coretta Scott King which covers her childhood years, her life and work with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and her work after her husband's death to promote his causes.
Order Number: 916841

Dragon's Gate
This Newbery Honor Book follows the life of a young Chinese railroad worker in the 1860s as he struggles to survive and maintain his dignity in the face of prejudice and brutal conditions.
Order Number: 20355

Esperanza Rising
Munoz Ryan
A Mexican girl discovers the riches of family and community in this new novel from the award-winning author of Riding to Freedom.
Order Number: 912042

My Name is America: Journal of Ben Uchida, Citizen 13559, Mirror Lake Internment Camp, California, 1942
Heartbreaking and humorous, this is the story of a twelve-year-old prisoner in one of America's Japanese internment camps of World War II.
Order Number: 48531

Samir and Yonatan
A heart-rendering novel about a group of children in an Israeli hospital, including one Palestinian boy Samir, who learn to heal the differences between them while they themselves are healed.
Order Number: 913504

Through My Eyes
An icon of the civil rights movement, Ruby Bridges chronicles each dramatic step of her involvement, as a six-year-old, in the integration of her school in New Orleans.
Order Number: 54630

The Well
"A compelling novel about prejudice and the saving power of human dignity."-School Library Journal. For mature readers.
Order Number: 905652

Witness is a timely novel that presents us with the tough issue of hate and the human strength to overcome it.
Order Number: 927199

I Am an American
I Am an American chronicles the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, focusing on the experiences of one high school student, Shi Nomura.

Order Number: 68444


Scholastic Recommends Books for Sensitive Issues


The Day I Saw My Father Cry
When Little Bill's family loses a special friend, he is forced to confront two powerful emotions-anger and grief.

Order Number: 52199

Just the Two of Us
A song of love and a call to all fathers to teach their children the values of dignity, integrity, and honor.
Order Number: 908792

How are you Peeling
The world of emotions is humorously introduced through ingenious photographs of fruits and vegetables with various human expressions.

Order Number: 921696

How are you Peeling/Vegetal Como Eres
The Spanish version of How are you Peeling

Order Number: 929130

Let's Talk About Feeling Angry
Order Number: 62386, $3.99
Let's Talk About Feeling Sad
Order Number: 62387, $3.99
Let's Talk About Feeling Afraid
Order Number: 62384, $3.99
A series with colorful, humorous illustrations, helps young children deal with tough situations and emotions and learn about being responsible for themselves and their own actions.

The Meanest Thing to Say
When a boy makes up a game about saying mean things, Little Bill learns a valuable lesson from his father about dealing with cruel words.
Order Number: 95616

Memory Coat
As Rachel and her family flee from Russia to America, they face and overcome their fears that they will be forever separated.

Order Number: 914133

Poppy's Chair
Poppy's Chair deals with the issue of grieving, on both adult and child's level, with sensitivity and grace in a moving picture book
Order Number: 916130

A Story for Hippo
The ideal choice for family sharing, A Story For Hippo is a gentle and reassuring book for anyone who has ever lost a loved one.

Order Number: 926219

When Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry….
A young girl learns how to manage her anger and regain her composure.
Order Number: 18979

On the edge of growing up, Hailey and Claire learn that life can take an unpredictable course, that friendship is forever, and that magic can be found in the most unexpected places.

Order Number: 909864

Circle of Gold
Dawson Boyd
After the death of Mattie's father, her mother seems to take out all of her frustrations on Mattie. But Mattie comes up with a plan that can bring her family back together again.

Order Number: 43266

A Hole in the World
From an always surprising author comes a soulful and illuminating middle-grade novel about the nature of loss and the power of words.

Order Number: 909831

I Will Remember You
An accessible guide for grieving teens combining expert advise and activities. Teens will find the book informative, comforting, and compelling.
Order Number: 913961

  Scholastic Recommends Books for Citizenship & Peace  


To Every Thing There is a Season
The most famous verses from the Book of Ecclesiastes are accompanied by exquisite original illustrations, each rendered in the style of a different world culture.
Order Number: 47888

Independence Day
Simple text and photographs explore the history of our independence.
Order Number: 384404

House Mouse, Senate Mouse
This book teaches children about our nation's Capitol and takes them through the legislative process, from the basic research of a bill through committee consideration to signing at the President's desk.
Order Number: 905148

I Have a Dream
The life of Martin Luther King, Jr., from his childhood to his role as leader of the civil rights movement.
Order Number: 44230

In Our Country
Simple text and photographs explore the beauty and diversity of the United States.
Order Number: 904562

A Million Visions of Peace
Garrison & Tubesing
Children's moving artistic and literary visions of peace, inspired by the best-selling pacifist fable Old Turtle.
Order Number: 920408

Old Turtle
The celebrated, best-selling fable of ecology and spirituality - reissued in a special tenth anniversary edition.
Order Number: 914257

The Pledge of Allegiance
The text is reproduced here and illustrated with stunning photographs of United States landscapes, monuments, and flags. Endnotes are included regarding the history of this national symbol and discussing its meaning.
Order Number: 921672

The Pledge of Allegiance/Promesa de lealtad
Bilingual version of the Pledge of Allegiance
Order Number: 931738

Purple Mountain Majesties
This picture book details the trip West that Katherine Lee Bates took in 1893 that inspired her to compose what would eventually become the words of "America the Beautiful".
Order Number: 907665

Red White and Blue
Simple text and photographs explore the colors of the American flag.
Order Number: 904564

The Story of the White House
Kate Waters
Here is an engaging tour of one of the world's most famous houses. Portraits of former Presidents and First Ladies, fun facts, and highlights of holiday celebrations make this an unforgettable visit to this national landmark.
Order Number: 43334

What a Wonderful World
The lyrics of this song, popularized by Louis Armstrong, express to children the beauty and the harmony in the world around them.
Order Number: 920746

Grades 4–6
The American Flag
The history and symbolism of the American flag is described in large print with many color photographs.
Order Number: 383794

Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights is explored with color photographs and large text.
Order Number: 383851

The Capitol
Details the history and significance of the Capitol Building.
Order Number: 378560

The Changing White House
Details the history and significance of the White House.
Order Number: 384392

The National Anthem
Simple text and photographs are used to explore the history of the Star Spangled Banner and the flag itself.
Order Number: 383806

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Based on a true story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes celebrates the courage that made one young woman a heroine in Japan.

Order Number: 916824

The Star Spangled Banner
An account of Key's part in the battle that led to the writing of The Star Spangled Banner and what happened to the poem afterward.
Order Number: 378127

Words that Build a Nation
A collection of important documents that trace the history of our country. Each document is set in context by introductory text, biographies of the authors, and a description of the response the document engendered.
Order Number: 29981

Oh, Freedom
This book of interviews tells stories of the civil rights movement, and America's struggle for racial justice. Children as interviewers shed light on what happened when and why it matters now.
Order Number: 67529

Out of War: True Stories from the Front Lines of the Children's Movement for Peace
In this searing collection of true stories, nine Colombian teens tell of their experiences with violence during the country's long civil war. Their work in the Children's Movement for Peace has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Order Number: 929721

America the Beautiful
Fourteen acrylic paintings accompany the first verse to America the Beautiful.

Order Number: 46982

From Sea to Shining Sea
More than 140 folktales, songs, poems, and essays chronicle the history of our nation in this lavish anthology with more than 250 full-color illustrations by 15 of today's most celebrated artists.
Order Number: 42868

Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing
Stunning, emotionally charged paintings interpret the hope and strength of the powerful words of the African-American national anthem.
Order Number: 935106




  Scholastic Recommends Professional & Reference Books    

Caring, Sharing and Getting Along: 50 Perfect Poems for Promoting Good Behavior in the Classroom
Order Number: 920105

Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul
Order Number: 915984
Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul
Order Number: 927321
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
Order Number: 907841
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II
Order Number: 913508

Fresh Approaches to Working With Problematic Behavior
Order Number: 3005

Hate Hurts: How Children Learn and Unlearn Prejudice
Stern-Larosa and Bettmenn
"Hate is learned, and there is no doubt it can be 'unlearned.' The process of countering negative attitudes with respect, understanding and acceptance must begin at an early age and continue through adolescence." --Caryl Stern-LaRosa, Education Director, Anti-Defamation League. This simple primer shows how to teach children 1) not to hate 2) how to handle themselves if they are the objects of bias and 3) what to do if they are observers in such an incident.
Order Number: 921121

Heartwood Ethics Curriculum
A unique award-winning program provides teachers with the read-aloud trade books and practical activities they need to raise students' awareness and understanding of seven universal concepts: courage, loyalty, justice, respect, hope, honesty, and love. Heartwood gives students a moral framework for making appropriate choices. Each kit includes 14 read-aloud multicultural books, a teacher's guide, and activity cards.
Level A, Order Number: 990655, $335.00
Level B, Order Number: 990655, $395.00
Level C, Order Number: 990655, $395.00
Level D, Order Number: 990655, $395.00
Level E, Order Number: 990655, $395.00

Scholastic Atlas of the World
Miles Kelly Ltd.
ISBN 0-439-08795-3

Scholastic First Encyclopedia: All About People
Newson, L
ISBN 0-590-47526-6

Teaching Kids to Care and Cooperate: 50 Easy Writing, Discussion and Art Activities that Help Develop Responsibility and Respect for Others
Pike, Mumper, and Fiske
Order Number: 909849

Tough Issues, Good Decisions: Stories and Writing Prompts: 20 Reproducible Stories and Writing Prompts to Get Kids Discussing, Writing, and Making Good Choices In and Out of School
Putnam and Burke
Order Number: 924117

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