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Grand Canyon (page 9)

Canyon Calculations
Grand Canyon National Park Information

Grand Plans
The Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

The Adventures of J.W. Powell
The American Experience — Lost in the Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon National Park (Map Page)

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Washington, D.C. (page 13)

Welcome Home!
The White House

Life in the White House

Let's Go to the Mall!
The Mall, Washington, D.C.

Creation of the National Mall

Camera Over Washington

Walking Tour: National Mall

Monumental Messages
Washington Guide: Monuments & Memorials

Monuments and Memorials of Washington DC

Washington Guide: Military Memorials & Monuments

For more information…
The History of Washington DC

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Canada & Mexico (page 17)

Our Neighbors to the North and South
Venn Again, Maybe We're Not So Different!
ZOOM: Canada — Basics

Symbols of Canada

Maps of Canada (1)

Maps of Canada (2)

Mexico for Kids

The History of Mexico

Maps of Mexico (1)

Maps of Mexico (2)

We Were Here First!
Our World — Our Way of Life

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The Rain Forest (page 21)

And So It Goes…
Rainforest Resources

Animals of the Rainforest
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Rainforest Alliance — For Kids & Teachers

Rain Forest Olympics
Tropical Rainforest Plants

Rainforest Animals — Power Point Project

Animals of the Rainforest
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Rainforest: A Virtual Tour

Stamping Out Destruction
The WHY? Files: Tropical Forests (1)

The WHY? Files: Tropical Forests (2)

WWF Global Forest Program

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The South Pole (page 25)

Packing Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Virtual Tour: Antarctica

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Gigantic Iceberg Breaks in Antarctica!

NSF: Massive Iceberg Peels Off From Antarctic Ice Shelf

Whose Snow Is This?
Antarctica: Research Stations and Territorial Claims

Map of Antarctica: World Sites Atlas

Antarctic New Zealand — Antarctic Treaty Background

For more information…
Antarctica New Zealand — Information Sheets

Antarctica New Zealand — Frequently Asked Questions

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Mars (page 29)

Martian Math
- and -
Eek! A Martian!
Mars: Planet Profile

Nine Planets: Mars

Mars Images Menu

Future Study: Mars
Mars Team Online — Questions and Answers

Mars Exploration Homepage

Welcome to Mission Mars

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Ellis Island (page 33)

Their Journey, Your Journey
- and -
Entering the Unknown…
Immigration: Ellis Island


Dear Friend
Immigration: Ellis Island


The History Channel: Ellis Island (1)

The History Channel: Ellis Island (2)

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Ancient Greece (page 37)

My Life as an Ancient Greek
Mr. Dowling's Ancient Greece

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Welcome to Our Fair City
The Ancient Greek World

A Tour of Ancient Olympia

A Nation in Ruins
Ancient Ruins

The Ancient City of Athens

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Plymouth Rock (page 41)

The Name Is Rock, Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony: 1620

Plymouth: Its History and People

The Pilgrims' Story

What If…
Plimoth Plantation: Historical Background

The Pilgrims' Landing In America

From the Mayflower to the Declaration of Independence
The Mayflower Compact

The Declaration of Independence

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