INTERNET MADE EASY: Internet Scavenger Hunts: Science

Internet Scavenger Hunts: Science
ISBN: 0-439-13846-9
Price: U.S. $10.95
Grades 4–8

The Good, the Bad,...the Bugs (p. 8)
Insects on the Web
Most Wanted Bugs
Ultimate Survivor (p. 9)
Yucky: Roach Anatomy
Roach Anatomy
A Pest for a Pet (p. 10)
Cockroach Care Sheet
Madagascan Giant Hissing Roaches
Yucky Roach World

Shark or Dolphin (p. 11)
Introduction to Sharks
Common Dolphin ACS Cetacean Fact Sheet
Master Hunter (p. 12)
Shark Anatomy
Ocean of Know: Anatomy — General Characteristics
Shark Fact or Fiction (p. 13)
Introduction to Sharks

When Did Dinosaurs Roam the Earth? (p. 14)
Enchanted Learning — What Is a Dinosaur?
Enchanted Learning — Dinosaur Genus List
What's in a Dino Name? (p. 15)
Dinosaur Name Roots — Zoom Dinosaur
Dinosaur Names — Zoom Dinosaur
Gone the Way of the Dinosaurs (p. 16)
Dinosaur Floor
Dinosaur Extinction — Enchanted Learning
What Killed the Dinosaurs? The Great Mystery

Control Center (p. 17)
Neuroscience for Kids: Questions/Answers
Neuroscience for Kids: Divisions of the Nervous System
The Brain Knows (p. 18)
KidsHealth: The Brain Is the Boss
Neuroscience for Kids: Divisions of the Nervous System
Weigh Those Brains (p. 19)
Brain Facts and Figures
Neuroscience for Kids: Brain Size

Sleepy Time (p. 20)
Understanding Sleep: Brain Basics
Neuroscience for Kids: Sleep
Selling Sleep (p. 21)
KidsHealth: Why Do I Need to Sleep?
Neuroscience for Kids: Sleep
Plant Parts (p. 22)
Great Plant Escape Case #1: In Search of Green Life
Great Plant Escape Case #4: The Plot Thickens

Food Factory Crossword (p. 23)
Sambal's Science Web: Photosynthesis
Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

Newton's Apple: Photosynthesis
Seeds on the Move (p. 24)
Wind Dispersal of Seeds
Drift Seeds and Drift Fruits
Ultimate Hitchhiker
Meet the Meat-Eaters (p. 25)
The Mysterious Venus Flytrap
Carnivorous Plants
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ

Around the World (p. 26)
What's It Like Where You Live?
World Biome Map
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World Biomes — Map
Comparing Biomes (p. 27)
The World's Biomes
Earth Floor: Biomes
Invent an Animal (p. 28)
Earth Floor: Biomes
Biomes of the World

Dive Into the Deep (p. 29)
Ocean Zonation
Ocean Light Zones
Oceans Alive! Life in the Sea
Facts About the Oceans (p. 30)
Ocean Data
Oceans Alive! Ocean Profiles
Colorful Corals (p. 31)
The Coral Reef Ecology Home Page
Corals and Coral Reefs

Save the Corals (p. 32)
Coral Reefs
Threats to Coral Reefs
Threats to Coral Reefs
How Caves Form (p. 33)
Kentucky Caverns — Cave Formation
Geology of Mammoth Cave
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Underground Wonders (p. 34)
Kentucky Caverns — Cave Glossary and Tips
Howe Caverns' Cavern Classroom: Geology
Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Creatures of the Dark (p. 35)
Missouri Cave Life
The Moving Earth (p. 36)
NEIC Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics
This Dynamic Earth — USGS
An Introduction to Plate Tectonics
Earth Floor: Plate Tectonics
Crossing Boundaries (p. 37)
Earth Floor: Plate Tectonics
Understand Plate Motions

Mapping Earth's Shakes (p. 38)
Ten Largest U.S. Earthquakes
Fact Monster: Earthquakes
Tremor Terminology (p. 39)
USGS: Earthquakes
USGS Earthquake Hazard Program FAQ
Cool Earthquake Facts
Earthquakes Do's and Don't's (p. 40)
EQ FAQ — Earthquake Preparedness
FEMA: Fact Sheet Earthquakes
American Red Cross — Earthquake

Tsunami Trivia (p. 41)
Pacific Tsunami Museum FAQs
FEMA Backgrounder: Tsunami
Thunder and Lightning (p. 42)
Thunderstorms and Lightning (OCDA)
Understanding Thunderstorms
A Look Inside a Thunderstorm
Wild Weather (p. 43)
Children of the Storm (OCDA)
Understanding Thunderstorms

How Lightning Strikes (p. 44)
A Lightning Primer from the GHCC
Lightning @ National Geographic
USA Today Resources: Lightning Science and Safety
Solar Crossword (p. 45)
StarChild: The Sun
By the Numbers (p. 46)
The Sun

Which Eclipse Is That Again? (p. 47)
Solar Eclipse: Why Eclipses Happen
Solar Eclipses
Solar Eclipse in Jeopardy (p. 48)
Solar Eclipses
Introductory Eclipse Tutorial
Sky Lights (p. 49)
The Aurora Explained
Auroras: Self-Guided Lesson
The Aurora Page

What Causes Auroras? (p. 50)
The Aurora Explained
Auroras: What Makes Them Happen?
Space Pioneers (p. 51)
Career Astronaut Biographies
Extraterrestrial Explorers (p. 52)
History of Space Exploration
Exploring the Planets

Weigh Off in Space! (p. 53)
Your Weight on Other Worlds
StarChild: Planet Hop
Physical Solar System Data
Find the Missing Elements (p. 54)
Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table: Atomic Number
It's Elemental: The Periodic Table of Elements
Element-ary Word Search (p. 55)
Chem4Kids.com: Elements
Chem4Kids.com: Atoms

Build Your Energy Vocabulary (p. 56)
Kids’ Zone: Handy Tools

EIA Kids Page: What Is Electricity?

Energy Story: What Is Energy?

Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Energy (p. 57)
EIA Kid’s Page: Renewable Energy Sources
EIA Kid’s Page: Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Where Does Energy Come From? (p. 58)
EIA Kids Page: Energy Facts

The Energy Story

The Science of Roller Coasters (p. 59)
Amusement Park Physics
Funderstanding Roller Coaster
Name That Force (p. 60)
Amusement Park Physics: Roller Coaster
Funderstanding Roller Coaster