: American Revolution


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CHAPTER 1: The Age of Revolution

Life in Colonial America (p. 9)

Colonial Kids

Life in Colonial America

Colonial Williamsburg History

Colonial America: Everyday Life and Customs


What's That Word? (p. 11)

American Revolution: People

Liberty! Glossary


Yankee Doodle (p. 13)

Lyrics & Music: Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle (lyrics & midi)


A Revolutionary Flag (p. 15)

Flags of the American Revolution

Flags of the American Revolution

The Flags of the United States of America

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Fighting Words (p. 17)

Revolution Quotes

Revolutionary War Quotations

Quotes from the Founding Fathers


CHAPTER 2: Events Leading to the Revolution

Acts of Rebellion (p. 19)

The Patriot Resource: Historic Events

Time Line, America During the Age of Revolution, 1764-1775

The Stamp Act and Other Acts

To Tax or Not to Tax: The Townshend Acts of 1767


Points of View (p. 21)

American Revolution Persuaders

The Boston Massacre Files

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The 5 W's of the Boston Tea Party (p. 23)

Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum (click on December 16, 1773)

The History Place: Boston Tea Party Eyewitness Account


CHAPTER 3: People of the Revolution

Midnight Ride? (p. 25)

The Paul Revere House: The Midnight Ride

Revere Speaks

Paul Revere's Ride (poem)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Paul Revere's Ride


Path to the Presidency (p. 27)

George Washington

Biography of George Washington

Learning About George Washington


Hero Turned Traitor (p. 29)

Archiving Early America: The Enigma of Benedict Arnold

The Infamous Benedict Arnold - Terms of Betrayal

Spy Letters of the American Revolution - Benedict Arnold


Women of the Revolution (p. 31)

Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War

Women of the American Revolution

Notable Women Ancestors - Heroines


Slaves or Soldiers? (p. 33)

Africans in America: The Revolutionary War

African-Americans in the American Revolution

Black Experience in America: Slavery and the American Revolution


CHAPTER 4: Battles of the Revolution

Battle Time Line (p. 35)

Battles of the American Revolution

Major Battles of the Revolution

Time Line, America During the Age of Revolution, 1764-1775


Picture a Battle (p. 37)

Major Events of the Revolutionary War

Reference Resources: American Revolution (scroll down to "Battles of the American Revolution")

The Battle of Saratoga

Yorktown Is Won!

The Battle of Brandywine


Diary of a Continental Soldier (p. 39)

The Story of Valley Forge

What Happened at Valley Forge?


CHAPTER 5: Important Documents

Writing for Freedom (p. 41)

Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents

Drafting the Declaration of Independence

About the Declaration of Independence

NARA/Exhibit Hall/The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence


Terms of the Treaty (p. 43)

NSSAR: The Paris Peace Treaty

Encyclopedia: Treaty of Paris (1783)

Milestone Historic Document: The Paris Peace Treaty


In Other Words . . . (p. 45)

Constitution of the United States - Preamble

Historical Documents: The Constitution of the United States

WordCentral.com (online dictionary)

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language


Bill of Rights Crossword (p. 47)

NARA/Exhibit Hall/The Bill of Rights

Historical Documents: The Bill of Rights

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