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Price: $9.95 Grades 3–6


Earthquake Question Swap (page 9)

USGS Earthquakes for Kids

FEMA for Kids: Earthquakes

The Tech: Earthquakes

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Earthquake Special Report (page 11)

NEIC: Current Seismicity: World

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World's Greatest Shakes (page 13)

Ten Largest U.S. Earthquakes


FEMA: Largest Earthquakes in the United States

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Earthquake Legends (page 15)

FEMA for Kids: Earthquake Legends

FEMA for Kids: The Turtle Tale

Teacher Feature: Earthquake Legends

Myths & Legends

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Whose Fault Is It, Anyway? (page 17)

Teacher Feature: California Has Its Faults

IRIS Fault Motion Animation

Savage Earth: Animations

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Chapter 2: VOLCANOES

Volcanic Puzzler (page 19)

CVO Web Site — Learn About Volcanoes

Volcano World

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Diary of a Disaster (page 21)

Historical Eruptions in the United States

CVO Menu — Volcanic Eruptions

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Read All About It! (page 23)

Update on Current Volcanic Activity

Volcano! Volcano! Volcano! — Eruptions

MTU Volcanoes Page — World Reference Map

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Mapping the Ring of Fire (page 25)

Active Volcanoes

Update on Current Volcanic Activity

MTU Volcanoes Page — World Reference Map

Volcano! Volcano! Volcano! — Eruptions

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Be a Volcanologist (page 27)

How to Become a Volcanologist?

Questions about Volcanologists or Volcanology

KiwiCareers — Volcanologist

Working on Hawaiian Volcanoes

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Gone With the Wind (page 29)

All About Hurricanes

USA Today: Hurricanes

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No Two the Same (page 31)

FEMA for Kids: Past Hurricanes

Hurricane, Tropical Cyclone History

NHC/TPC Past Hurricanes

Current Season's Storms

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Travels with Hurricane Hunters (page 33)

FEMA for Kids: Hurricanes — Hurricane Hunters

Hurricane Hunter Airplanes

Hurricane Hunters — 53rd WRS

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Hurricane Hall of Fame (page 35)

FEMA for Kids: Hurricane Names

Retiring Names of the Worst Hurricanes

FEMA for Kids: Past Hurricanes

Hurricane, Tropical Cyclone History

NHC/TPC Past Hurricanes

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Chapter 4: TORNADOES

A Tornado's Life Story (page 37)

FEMA for Kids: Disaster Connection — Tornadoes or Twisters

Tornadoes: Nature's Most Violent Storms

The Weather Channel — Storm Encyclopedia

Understanding Tornadoes

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Exploring Tornado Alley (page 39)

Where Twisters Strike Most

Tornadoes in the Past

Storm Prediction Center Climatological Data

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On a Scale of 0 to 5 (page 41)

FEMA for Kids: Fujita Pearson Tornado Scale

The Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity

Fujita Scale Damage Descriptions

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Tornado Safety Brochure (page 43)

FEMA for Kids: Tornadoes

FEMA for Kids: Tornadoes Things to Know

Tornado Safety Guide

During the Tornado

Myths and Misconceptions About Tornadoes

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The World's Worst Natural Disaster (page 45)

The World's Worst Natural Disasters

USGS News Release: Century's Worst Disasters

Ten Worst Natural Disasters

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To the Rescue (page 47)

Center for International Disaster Information

FEMA for Kids: What's Happening Now?

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

American Red Cross — Disaster Services

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