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Grades: 4–8

Chapter 1: Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion: Cause & Effect (p. 9)

Lesson 1: The Northwest Ordinance

Liberty! Northwest Ordinance

Exhibit: The Louisiana Purchase

PBS Online - Lewis & Clark

Discovering Lewis & Clark

All About the Gold Rush

Gold Rush Sesquicentennial

The Homestead Act of 1862

The Homestead Act


Leaving Home (p. 11)

Northwest Missionaries

Fur Traders and Mountain Men

Discoverers of the Oregon Trail

The Mormon Pioneer Trail

Blacks in Western America

Gold Rush Sesquicentennial

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Which Way Do We Go? (p. 13)

Links to Trails West

American Trails -- Frontier Trails

What Are Some of the Trails They Used?

The Bozeman Trail

Oregon-California Trails Association

The Oregon Trail

The Mormon Pioneer Trail

The Santa Fe Trail

"Ernestine Franke Huning" Santa Fe Trail Diary Excerpts

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Meet the Plains Indians (p. 15)

Plains Indian Culture

Homeland - The Lakota Ways

Timeline of Events Relevant to the Northern Plains Tribes

The Plains Indians

Links to Plains Indians

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Buffalo Hide Picture (p. 17)

Tracking the Buffalo: Stories from a Buffalo Hide Painting

Nature: American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation

PBS - The Buffalo War

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Chapter 2: The Journey West

Home on the Trail (p. 19)

Prairie Schooner

The Overland Wagon

Conestoga Wagon

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What Should You Bring? (p. 21)

What Did the Pioneers Take With Them?

West to Home: The Oregon Trail Pioneers

Provisions for the Trail

What Supplies Do We Need?

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Oregon Trail Journal (p. 23)

Oregon Trail Archive

The Donner Party

Diaries, Memoirs, Letters and Reports Along the Trails West

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Oregon or Bust! (p. 25)

Historic Sites on the Oregon Trail

OCTA Virtual Tour

Oregon Trail Mileposts

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Wilderness Guide (p. 27)

Fish and Wildlife on the Oregon Trail: Then and Now

Plants and Animals Along the Oregon Trail

Along the Oregon Trail

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Oregon Trail Board Game (p. 29)

Hardships on the Oregon Trail

Dangers on the Trail

Pioneer Life - Hardships

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Star of the New Frontier (p. 31)

PBS - The West: People Index

Western Pioneers, Frontiermen, Mountainmen, and Fur Traders

Women of the West

People of Color on America's Western Frontier

Pioneer Life: Real Pioneers

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Chapter 3: Pioneer Living

Dear Grandma (p. 33)

The Pioneers: Shelter

Websteader: Sod Houses

PBS: Frontier House - Frontier Life

Pioneer Life: Log Cabin

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Town Planner (p. 35)

Pioneer Town in Cedaredge, Colorado

The Common and Center Village

A Map of the Farms

A Pioneer Town

Pioneer Life: Town

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Farm Tools for Sale (p. 37)

Pioneer Tools and Things They Took

Pioneer Tools

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Cooking Pioneer-Style (p. 39)

Pioneer Recipes

Cooking Frontier Style

PBS: Frontier House - Frontier Life

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Schoolhouse Scavenger Hunt (p. 41)

Oberlin's Little Red Schoolhouse

Grandparents' Attic: One Room School

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Invent a Toy (p. 43)

Pioneer Games, Toys, and Songs

Pioneer Crafts & Games

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Medical Cures: Then and Now (p. 45)

Pioneer Medicines

Pioneer Medicine, The Hughes Apothecary

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Story Block Quilt (p. 47)

Stitch a Quilt

Quilts -- Masterpieces of the Heart

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