Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco  
Lesson plan for grade:  2
Submitted by: Tammy Burrows
Trisha's entire family loves to read and tell stories. As she begins her schooling she looks forward to learning to read. But as she continues through school she realizes that she is different because she cannot read like the other children. Finally, her fifth grade teacher figures out that Trisha has a learning disability and needs to learn to read in a different way.
I like to share this book with my second graders because it's important for them to realize that everyone learns in a different way, at a different speed, and that it's okay.
I relate this book to myself when I introduce it to my students. When I was in second grade I couldn't read at first. I was very good a faking my way through. But then one day everything finally ''clicked'' and I was able to connect words to the printed text.
I initially use this as a read aloud, and then place the book in our classroom library for students to read independently.
I like to use this book to discuss how we treat people who are different.
Read this book ahead of time to prepare yourself . . . it's a real tear jerker!