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Laura Robb
Books by Laura Robb
By Scholastic
By Heinemann
Books from The Great Source

By Scholastic

  • Teaching Reading in Middle School, ISBN: 0-590-68560-0.
  • 35 Must-Have Assessment and Record-Keeping Forms for Reading, ISBN: 0-439-24121-9
  • Grammar Lessons and Strategies That Strengthen Students' Writing, ISBN: 0-439-11758-5
  • 52 Fabulous Discussion Prompt Cards for Reading Groups, ISBN: 0-439-22722-4
  • Brighten Up Boring Beginnings and Other Quick Writing Lessons, ISBN: 0-439-07351-0
  • Reading Strategies That Work, ISBN: 0-590-25111-2
  • Easy Mini-Lessons for Building Vocabulary, ISBN: 0-590-26466-4
  • Easy to Manage Reading & Writing Conferences, ISBN: 0-590-31441-6

Some of these titles are available in our Teacher's Store.

By Heinemann

  • Redefining Staff Development: A Collaborative Model for Teachers and Administrators, ISBN: 0-325-00214-2

Books from The Great Source, Co-authored by Laura Robb

  • Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing, Grade 3, ISBN: 0-669-31441-6
  • Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing, Grade 4, ISBN: 0-669-48037-1
  • Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing, Grade 5, ISBN: 0-669-58038-X
  • Reader's Handbook, Grades 6–8, ISBN: 0-669-48857-7

Visit our reading discussion board to talk about these books.

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