Janet S. Lewandowski
Maize East Elementary School
4600 North Maize Road
Maize, KS 67101

Elementary, 5–6

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1) What is one thing that needs to change in order to keep quality teachers in the profession?

Tell us about a funny moment in your classroom that had meaning for you.


Janet S. Lewandowski, 2001
State Teacher of the Year, Kansas
Janet Lewandowski has been teaching for 16 years. She has taught special education, reading improvement and 5–6 elementary. Janet is currently teaching a 5th/6th looping class at Maize East Elementary. Janet helped her school district start a looping program three years ago. Looping is one of the many things she believes in passionately because of the enormous benefit it has for children. Janet approaches every teaching decision on what is best for her students. Nothing else matters. Janet believes that all children can and will learn. Janet's core teaching philosophy is centered on going below the surface with her students and building a strong foundation so all children will be successful. There are three C's that demonstrate what Janet is all about as a teacher. Janet connects with her class, builds a strong trusting community, and shows compassion for all.  

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