Norma Barber
Ukiah School District 80R
P.O. Box 218
Ukiah, OR 97880

Language Arts, 6–12

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1) What is one thing that needs to change in order to keep quality teachers in the profession?

How do you keep yourself motivated and energized to stay in teaching?


Norma Barber, 2001
State Teacher of the Year, Oregon
Norma Barber teaches at Ukiah. Norma teaches junior high and high school language arts and related subjects. Her responsibilities include yearbook advisor, senior class advisor, and coordinator of special education. Norma organizes an annual Author's Party, where students read their original works for the community. She also chairs the school-wide, yearlong reading challenge. Outside of class, Norma serves as a co-director for the Oregon Writing Project at Eastern Oregon University, and as an assistant director of Oregon Writing Assessment at the Umatilla-Morrow Scoring Site. She trains teachers in Oregon's Speaking Assessment benchmarks. When she is not at school, Norma volunteers as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Ukiah Quick Response Team, aiding victims of illness, injury or accident until paramedics arrive from hospitals an hour away. Norma believes in and loves small towns and small schools, and works to make sure that both are viable elements of American society.  

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