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Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert
Technology Expert: Julie Wood
Integrating Technology into the Curriculm

If you're new to the web, click here to read an article I wrote for teachers who are just beginning to explore cyberspace. Get up to speed quickly by learning how to use search engines, mine the web to find resources about your own hobbies and interests, find lesson plans written by teachers for teachers, and lots more.

To begin thinking about how new technologies can enhance your reading and language arts curricula, click here to read a chapter I wrote for The Digital Classroom, "How Technology is Changing the Way We Teach and Learn." It's about how teachers are using new technologies to transform the way children learn to read and write. It might get you thinking about how — and more importantly why — you might use telecommunication tools with your students to promote online discussions about books. Tell us what you think by participating in the professional discussion board on online literature circles.

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