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Technology Expert: Julie Wood


Professor Julie Wood is a leading expert on how we can help children become fully literate in the 21st century — beyond activities involving paper and pencil. As computers have become more commonplace, offering an unprecedented wealth of resources and accessibility, Dr. Wood has been at the forefront as a strong advocate of their use as tools to achieving and maintaining literacy in the classroom.

Dr. Wood discusses how you can take advantage of new technologies to enhance your literature studies with online literature circles. Such online connections with peers around the country can be a great way to generate discussion, promote authentic writing, and deepen children's interpretation of what they read. Dr. Wood will also show you how to use the Web to expand your professional repertoire in teaching children's literature. She offers links to a wealth of resources such as teacher-created lesson plans for popular book titles.


Julie Wood is currently designing a professional development tool called the Literacy Matters Website at Education Development Center, in Newton, Massachusetts. Dr. Wood is also a researcher and lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, specializing in new technologies and 21st-century literacies. She has taught elementary school and has developed educational products, including a video-based literature series called Masterpiece, for grades 1–8, for Simon & Schuster. Dr. Wood has also conducted research as a member of the Vocabulary Improvement Project, a Federally funded initiative designed to increase vocabulary acquisition among young English-language learners. Her areas of expertise include children's literacy development, the integration of new technologies into educational settings, school change, and teacher online professional development. She is a cofounder of a summer Literacy Institute in a charter school in Dorchester, former Director of the America Reads program at MIT, and former Director of the Jeanne Chall Reading Lab. She is currently writing a book, CyberKids: Struggling Readers/Writers and How Computers Can Help, for Heinemann Publishers.

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