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 Meet Julie Wood
 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
 Literature Circles
 Online Literature Circles
 Outstanding Web and Print Resources
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Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert
Technology Expert: Julie Wood
Outstanding Web and Print Resources

To Learn More About Literature Circles. . .
For comprehensive information about Literature Circles, check out

Listen to Julie Wood and a distinguished panel discuss online literature circles.

Discuss online literature circles on Scholastic's professional discussion board.

Go here to join book chats moderated by teachers and librarians. Or, volunteer to become a moderator of a book chat yourself!

Reading Online; New Literacies; New Literacies in Action
Read Maureen Baron's article called "Literature Circles/Club de Lecture," about the author's experiences in creating a literature-based project for second graders. Baron, who teaches on-site and distance education courses on media and technology in the Faculty of Education at McGill University, designed this program to "provide learning contexts that will address the computer technology and literacy needs of inner-city students within the framework of Quebec's curriculum reform."

For More Ideas
Scholastic's database on "Authors and Books," which includes more than 2,000 pre-K through Grade 8 children's titles. Get to know stellar authors such as Lois Lowry, Virginia Hamilton, and J. K. Rowling through online interviews, biographies, Q & A's, book discussion guides, and ideas for teaching.

Young Adults' Favorite Books, grades 7–12

Teachers' Choice Books, 30 books, K–8

Lesson plans for Children's Literature

Outstanding Print Resources

Book Club: A Literature-Based Curriculum, by Taffy E. Raphael, Laura S. Pardo, Kathy Highfield, and Susan McMahon, Small Planet Communications.

Book Club for Middle School, by Taffy E. Raphael, Marcella Kehus, and Karen Damphousse, Small Planet Communications.

Lively Discussions! Fostering Engaged Reading, edited by Linda B. Gambrell and Janice Almasi. International Reading Association.

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