The Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive

Show your PJ collection drive in action and your class could be featured on theGreat Bedtime Story Pajama Drive home page!

Send Your Class Photos

Collect PJsStep 1

Ask students to bring in PJs to donate and take pictures as you build your donation collection.

Get Releases SignedStep 2

Collect individual release forms from parents for each child in the picture you plan to submit to Scholastic. If students at your school have media releases on file, please use this umbrella release.

No releases are necessary if the students in your photos are not identifiable.

Send Photo and Class Release FormStep 3

E-mail your photo to Each photo should be in jpeg or gif format and no larger than 1 MB. Be sure to include the teacher's name, grade, and state in your e-mail.

Please scan your release form(s) and include them in your e-mail, or mail them to:

Betsy Howie
Scholastic Inc.
P.O. Box 714
New York, NY 10013-0714