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Complementary Products

Interested in finding out more about Scholastic's line of intervention products and programs? You'll find great ways to optimize and complement your READ 180 program right here.

READ 180 Strategy Books and Libraries
Supplement any program with READ 180 Paperback and Audiobook Libraries. And check out READ 180's eight new Strategy Books, an invaluable source of step-by-step teaching plans for essential skills.
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Action Book Collections
Powerful new Hi-Lo books with instructional support that include classics, contemporary fiction, social studies, and science themes.
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Sprint Reading
Research-based reading intervention that matches students to high-quality fiction and nonfiction, and teaches the strategies readers need.
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READ 180 Professional Development Course (Scholastic Red)
"READ 180: Making it Work in Your Classroom," is an interactive, facilitated online professional development course designed for use by both new and experienced READ 180 teachers of grades 4 through high school.
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Action Magazine
This high-interest teen magazine motivates below-level and reluctant readers. Each issue delivers tools to help students improve reading comprehension in a fun, interactive way. (Reading level 3-5)
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Reading Skills Kit
Emerging Readers get the ample practice they need to develop crucial reading skills. The Scholastic Reading Skills Kit is the perfect supplement because it aligns to any reading program.
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Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a reading comprehension test for grades 1-12 that assesses students' reading levels and helps teachers adjust instruction according to students' needs, track students' reading growth over time, and match readers to text.
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Technical Support
Scholastic offers different technical support plans to meet your needs. Contact the READ 180 Customer Support team to find out which plan is right for you. Customer Support can be reached at 1-877-234-READ (7323) from 7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. EST.