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Teacher Tips

Create a memorable reading event for your class with these great ideas from teachers who participated in past events!

Plus, build the excitement by incorporating Scholastic Read For 2007 into your curriculum in the weeks leading up to December 8!

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Planning Your Scholastic Read For 2007 Event

Here are some basic steps that will assist you in planning your event. Choose the ones that work for you.

Sign Up Today!
Make sure that you sign up so that your class/school can be part of this worldwide reading celebration so your class will appear on the Scholastic Read For 2007 Interactive World Map! Your students will love seeing their class listed with the other participants!

Pledge to participate.
When you sign up for Scholastic Read For 2007 you can print out the Reading Pledge, written by author Cornelia Funke, and hang it in your classroom!

Check your school calendar.
The official Scholastic Read For 2007 day is Friday, December 8, 2006. If this conflicts with a holiday or other event, feel free to choose a different day. Add the event to your school calendar to encourage others to participate.

Spread the word!
Inform the principal, teachers, librarians, other staff, PTA members, etc. They may have ideas and resources to support your efforts, and perhaps they can be encouraged to join the celebration! Many schools make Scholastic Read For 2007 an annual school-wide event!

Make announcements using the school TV, newspaper, marquee, or public announcement system. Imagine everyone—including the librarian, nurse, and cafeteria workers—dropping everything to read with the rest of the world!

For information on getting parents and other members of your community and involved, visit Ideas for Community Involvement.

Collaborate with other teachers.
You can collaborate with teachers in your school, in neighboring schools, or in schools in another part of the world!

Invite the Press.
Let your community know how important reading is to your class and school!

Visit Getting Media Coverage for tips on obtaining news coverage, information for reporters, and a downloadable, customizable press alert.

Get parents involved.
Send home a letter telling parents about the event and inviting them to help plan, and/or read with your class or at the same time whether they are at home or work.

Here are some great ideas on parent involvement.

Invite guest readers.
Send an invitation to special guests or parents and invite them to join your class reading.

Use resources from the Scholastic Read For 2007 Web site.
Use free downloadable resources from the Scholastic Read For 2007 resource page, including bookmarks featuring children's favorite characters, reading certificates, and invitations to send to parents and community members. Visit the free resource page at

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