Scholastic Read for 2006
Scholastic Read for 2006
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Reading Ambassadors

Literacy is an issue that knows no politics! This year, governors' spouses from across America are signing on to be Scholastic Read For 2007 Reading Ambassadors, to lead children, parents, and teachers in their states in a celebration of reading on Friday, December 8, 2006.

Scholastic Read For 2007 Honorary Co-Chairs

Honorary Co-Chairs  Romney and Christie Vilsack

Marsha Barbour
First Lady of Mississippi
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Honorary Co-Chairs  Romney and Christie Vilsack
Nancy Schweitzer
First Lady of Montana
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State Ambassadors of Reading

List to Date:  
Alabama First Lady Patsy Riley
Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee
Colorado First Lady Frances Owens
Connecticut First Son Michael Rell
Delaware First Son Frank Ingram
Georgia First Lady Mary Perdue
Guam First Lady Joann Camacho
Hawaii Lt. Governor Duke Aiona's spouse, Mrs. Vivian Aiona
Idaho First Lady Vicki Risch
Indiana First Lady Cheri Daniels
Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack
Kansas First Gentleman Gary Sebelius
Kentucky First Lady Glenna Fletcher
Maine First Lady Karen Baldacci
Massachusetts First Lady Ann Romney
Michigan First Gentleman Daniel Mulhern
Mississippi First Lady Marsha Barbour (co-chair)
Missouri First Lady Melanie Blunt
Montana First Lady Nancy Schweitzer (co-chair)
Nebraska First Lady Sally Ganem
New Hampshire First Lady Susan Lynch
New Mexico First Lady Barbara Richardson
North Carolina First Lady Mary Easley
North Dakota First Lady Mikey Hoeven
Oklahoma First Lady Kimberly Henry
Oregon First Lady Mary Oberst
Pennsylvania First Lady Marjorie Rendell
Rhode Island First Lady Suzanne Carcieri
South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford
South Dakota First Lady Jean Rounds
Tennessee First Lady Andrea Conte
Texas First Lady Anita Perry
Utah First Lady Mary Kaye Huntsman
Virginia First Lady Anne Holton
Washington First Gentleman Mike Gregoire
West Virginia First Lady Gayle Manchin
Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle
Wyoming First Lady Nancy Freudenthal